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Which type of society comes closest to being egalitarian?

At a cultural level, egalitarian theories have developed in sophistication and acceptance during the past two hundred years. Among the notable broadly egalitarian philosophies ( Full Answer )
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How many countries are egalitarian?

Most countries are not egalitarian . Egalatarian is when everyone has: . Equal Social Power . Equal Political Power . Equal Publicity . Only 1 class ( No middle or first ( Full Answer )
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What does egalitarian mean?

Egalitarian refers to incidents of a nature characterized by the notion that all people (of all races and genders) are equal, particularly in politics, the economy, and social ( Full Answer )
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Egalitarian in a sentence?

As an Egalitarian, the man was accepting of all nationalities,political affiliations, religions, and sexes. An Egalitarianbelieves that all people are equal and deserve equal ( Full Answer )
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How did Karl Marx think an egalitarian society was possible?

\n Egalitarianism is a trend of thought in political philosophy. An egalitarian favors equality of some sort: People should get the same, or be treated the same, or be treate ( Full Answer )
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Egalitarianism that arose after the Revolutionary War limited?

The Egalitarianism that arose after the Revolutionary War waslimited because it only covered certain people, specifically white,propertied males. Married women could still not ( Full Answer )
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Is China an egalitarian society?

Absolutely. Among all the current powers of the world China is leading in this philosophy. Within China there are several different ethnic cultures besides Han and the CCP is ( Full Answer )
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Why is egalitarian marriage bad?

Egalitarian marriage is NOT bad. All an egalitarian marriage means, is that a man and wife share equal rights and responsibilities to decisions and work within a marriage. Tha ( Full Answer )
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Why did families change from extended to nuclear and patriarchal to egalitarian?

The industrial revolution. No longer did families rely on numbers to generate acceptable living conditions: under agrarian societies the more kids you had, the more workers yo ( Full Answer )
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What are the definitions of hierarchy and egalitarian?

A hierarchy is an organizational structure in which items are ranked according to levels of importance. Most governments, corporations and organized religions are hierarchic ( Full Answer )
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Whom did the rise in egalitarianism apply to?

The egalitarianism applied only to white males. The status of women, African Americans and Native Americans didn't change.
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Liberals wish to create a more egalitarian society?

This depends on your definition of 'liberal'. In U.S. politics, a liberal usually refers to a left-wing position, relative to the current political climate. Since left-wing po ( Full Answer )
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What is definition egalitarian?

It means equal or level .One need to ask it is equality in what? It can be equality in income leading to egalitarian structure of society. It is characterized by belief ( Full Answer )
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Why is Islam often said to be an egalitarian faith?

The answer to the question can be very lengthy. You can read some books about that. However, Islam is indeed an egalitarian faith as it calls for justice, fairness, equality, ( Full Answer )
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How did the war promote egalitarianism?

In the eighteenth century, in the military, one could rise in theranks even if one wasn't born wealthy or of noble blood. Themilitary promoted meritocracy.
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What does Laconic and Egalitarian mean?

Laconic-using few words; expressing much in few words; concise: a laconic reply. Egalitarian-asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all peo ( Full Answer )
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What is egalitarian society?

a society that allows people to participate more or less in political and economic culture
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What is highly egalitarian society means?

The word "egalitarian" is related to the word "equality". A highly egalitarian society is one in which people are regarded as being fundamentally equal and having equal rights ( Full Answer )
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What is a egalitarian family?

An egalitarian family is an arrangement in which power is sharedmore or less equally by both the wife and the husband.
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Was the Aztecs egalitarian?

The Aztec civilization was a group of ethnic people who dominatedthe meso-american landscape from the 14th to 16th centuries. TheAztecs were not egalitarian (supporting univer ( Full Answer )
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Is an oligarchy more egalitarian than fascism?

oligarchy is more egliatrian than fascism because i really don't know but do you have a map because i am lost in your eyes
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How does egalitarian relate to the Paleolithic times?

We don't know much about Stone Age society. It is possible that they had not evolved fixed social classes. The strongest warrior or best hunter would take charge, which is a v ( Full Answer )
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What do egalitarian people stand for?

Egalitarianism is the belief that all people deserve and should have equal rights across all areas. This includes economic, political, philosophical, religious, and military d ( Full Answer )
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How roman architecture can be influence by egalitarian state?

Rome never had an egalitarian state. Rome was an oligarchy, even during the Republic when there was a degree of democracy. In fact, during the Republic there was a plebeian ar ( Full Answer )
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What are the pros and cons of egalitarianism?

Egalitarianism provides for equality for everyone socially, politically, and economically. Some cons for this way of thinking can be that their will be no authority in charge ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of an egalitarian society?

Egalitarianism is the belief that all are fundamentally equal. According to the Cultural Theory of risk, egalitarianism has a negative attitude towards rules and priniciples, ( Full Answer )
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What groups were left out of a egalitarian ideal?

The groups that were left out of the Egalitarian ideal were theAfrican Americans because they were promised freedom but it tookyears for them to announced slavery as illegal a ( Full Answer )