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How can you get cross eyed?

virtually impossible but some illnesses will cause your eyes to become crossed temporarily, but unlike common myth it is impossible to get it permanently from just doing it on (MORE)
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Are people right-eyed or left-eyed?

People prefer using one of their eyes. It depends from person to person. Your preferable eye is the one from which you look into the camera.
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What are Ban-ei?

Banei is a breed of horse, native to Japan. It is used in horse racing, and pulling heavy sleds in Banei Keiba races. It is descended from the Percheron, Breton, and Belgian.
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Words that have ei?

Cassie chies relies field thief relieve view
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What is the EIS on a Mercedes?

EIS Stands For Electronic Ignition Switch. The hardware is the switch into which the key is inserted but the key is not a key in the traditional sense, it is more like a plast (MORE)
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What is an EI -pickup?

what is EI PICKUP? related to transducer engineering...............
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What is onion eyed?

im prety sure it's when the onion smell or you look at onion goes into your eyes
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What rhymes with eyed?

Lied . Fried . Chide . That's all I can Think of at the moment
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What is EIS in peoplesoft?

EIS (Enterprise Information System) is a suite of integrated application software based on the Oracle-PeopleSoft (PS) product line and various ancillary applications linked to (MORE)
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Why is cross eyed called cross eyed?

Probably because the lines of sight cross each other as the right eye is aimed to the left and the left eye is aimed to the right.
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Eis next to?

eis is next to
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How do you spell eys?

The word sought could be: eyes (plural noun) - more than one eye ayes (plural noun) - assenting votes It is also a transposition of yes .
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What is EI pi?

After a thorough search, I have found nothing called El pi. Perhaps the person asking the question means what is Pi? In that case, it is a mathematical constant calculated by (MORE)
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What is EI nano?

EI Nano is warm oceanic currents in south pacific ocean
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What is eyed evilly?

or the evil eye. when someone looks at you when bad intentions. My 2 cents
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What is the purpose of an EIS?

The purpose of EIS gives impartial discussion of significantenvironmental impacts. This is a part of measures.
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What has the author Ei Ei Swe written?

Ei Ei Swe. has written: 'Comparative morphological and anatomical study on some species of genus alocasia neck'