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What is 'el Retiro'?

El Retiro is a beautiful park in the city of Madrid, Spain.
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What is 'El Prado'?

The Museo Nacional del Prado, also known as El Prado, is a museumlocated in Madrid, Spain. It is the national art museum of Spain.
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What is the degree ELS?

The ELS is a degree in European Law Studies. In the United States, the letters ELS after a person's name more often stand for editor in the life sciences, indicating certif (MORE)
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What is el-dente?

Firm to the tooth when cooked, esp. pasta
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Who is stronger Superman Kal-El or Superman Kon-El?

Logic would dictate that Superman (Kal-El) would be stronger than Superboy (Kon-El) for two reasons. 1. Kal-El is older and has been exposed to more of the Earths yellow sun r (MORE)
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Who eles is on tna?

Other than who? I suggest taking a look at Tna's website :
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Can you reenlist after a els?

Depends on what your RE code is. I know people who've had Entry Level Separations from one branch of service, and were able to enlist into another branch.
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Who are banks and els?

banks are stupid... they dont help at all.. they are a waste of time and i would'nt want 1 haha
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How do you spell els?

The word else means "otherwise". The plural form of the letter L is normally L's (or Ls). The spelling els might be used as a slang reference to more than one system of (MORE)
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What els sports do they do?

Snowboarding,Basketball,Tennis,Baseball,Football,Softball,Soccer,Track and Field,Racing,Flag Football,And much more.