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What does elaborate mean?

Elaborate as an adjective means "worked out," complicated in exacting detail. As a verb it means to develop thoroughly, or to explain at length. elaborate means very detailed. ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of elaboration?

Explaining something more, talking about it more in depth. An elaboration is explaining something more, talking about it more in depth .
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What is elaboration?

Elaboration is a definition that means to elaborate or furtherexplain. This is usually used when someone doesn't understandsomething.
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What does elaborately mean?

The word elaborately means that something is very detailed orcomplicated. It can also mean to develop or present something ingreat detail.
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What is elaboration in a sentence?

Elaboration is expanding on the idea being discussed in order to add more detail to the sentence. This can be done by being more specific, and avoiding ambiguity in explanatio ( Full Answer )
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Sentences for elaborate?

Elaborate means to develop or present something in great detail. Alot planning goes into these presentations and they are veryorganized and neat.
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What is congressional elaboration?

the process by which Congress makes informal changes to the Constitution. a feature of the constitution that makes it unnecessary for the constitution to be formally amended e ( Full Answer )
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What is an elaborate speech?

One definition could be, that is not straightforward with cleardistinctions between facts and opinions. It could be rhetorical -effectively posing veiled questions. It could o ( Full Answer )
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What is the elaboration of CIP?

CIP- CLEAN IN PLACE It is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipments, filters & associated fittings without disassembly.
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What is a sentence for elaborate?

A sentence for elaborate ( verb ) - "Elaborate a plan for your group." said the teacher.
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What is the opposite of elaborate?

The adjective elaborate (complex) would have the opposites simple, uninvolved, or uncomplicated. The verb to elaborate (go into detail) has no direct opposite, but a revers ( Full Answer )
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How do you elaborate temperance?

The word temperance is very rich in meaning when we consider that it is related to the word temper. Various materials undergo extreme conditions such as pressure and temperatu ( Full Answer )
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What is an elaborate sentence?

A sentence with a lot of detail and explanation; in-depth. Example: Bob flew 46 degrees west from his initial position from Mammoth Cave, Kentucky in order to find the gree ( Full Answer )
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What is layered elaboration?

Layered Elaboration allows design teams to generate ideas through an iterative process in which each version leaves prior ideas intact while extending concepts. Layered Elabor ( Full Answer )
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What does Elaborate metaphor mean?

An elaborate metaphor is also called a sustained metaphor. It iswhen a metaphor is referred to multiple times throughout a piece bythe author.
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What part of speech is the word elaborate?

"elaborate" = a verb; an adjective Verb: Please elaborate because I don't understand what you're saying. Adjective: They had an elaborate wedding.
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What is the definition of elaborative?

Something being done with great care and focus on detail. To expand on an idea or to give a more thorough explanation to something.
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What does mind elaborating mean?

In this sentence, "Would you mind elaborating?" It means, would you "mind explaining"? It basically means, explaining in more details. Hope it helps. And, this is what I think ( Full Answer )
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How do you use elaborating in a sentence?

He was still elaborating on the details of his plan when I left the meeting. She was informing us of her new destination, but not elaborating on what she was doing there.
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Elaborate NIC selection procedure?

The NIC selection procedure is usually a very open and transparentprocedure. It is usually done by the high court.
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What are the contemporary challenges to education . Elaborate?

Poverty is one of the most common challenges to eduction. Obviously this is prevalent in post-secondary education as costs for a university and college education are skyrocket ( Full Answer )
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Is elaborate a noun?

The word elaborate is not a noun, it is an adjective or verb.Examples: Verb form: You will need to elaborate on your work. Adjective form: Her speech was extremely elaborate. ( Full Answer )
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What is a good sentence for elaboration?

Without more elaboration, the teacher didn't know who the pronoun 'he' referred to in the student's sentence. Elaboration makes sure that details are clearly stated.
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How would you use elaborate in a sentence?

Elaborate preparations were made for the sumptuous banquet, to be held in the back of a pick-up truck on the Hume Highway somewhere between Holbrook and Tarcutta. Please ela ( Full Answer )
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What is Progressive Elaboration?

Projects may be temporary endeavors but they cannot be conceived in a day and for sure cannot be executed/completed in a day (unless you define going to the grocery store as a ( Full Answer )
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Why did the ancient Greeks has such elaborate myths?

Their stories are no more elaborate than those in the Bible, or in any other religious rite. The stories had to be memorable, and had to inspire people to worship and follow t ( Full Answer )
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Is elaborate a verb?

It depends on how it is used. If it is an elaborate explanation then it would be and adjectective, but if I were to elaborate upon my answer, it would be a verb. If you want t ( Full Answer )
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Can a gait be elaborate?

Since a definition for elaborating means to work out with greatcare- an animal's gait can be worked out with great care.
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Does the word 'crude' mean elaborate?

The word crude means rude or offensive. For example: If someone wasinsulted, someone could say that it was a crude 'remark'.
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How do you spell elaborately?

That is the correct spelling of the adverb "elaborately" (in a complex or detailed manner).
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What is the noun of elaborate?

The noun forms of the verb to elaborate are elaboration and the gerund, elaborating . The noun form of the adjective elaborate is elaborateness .
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What is elaborating on a problem?

It means giving more detail on the problem and its effects. It helps to understand it better. If you have more information on a problem, that helps in finding a solution. S ( Full Answer )