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Can you get gout in the elbow?

Yes you can get it anywhere however it is more likely to show up in the extremities.
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What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is very painful condition affecting the elbow joint and related muscles and tendons that insert at the elbow. 'Tennis el ( Full Answer )
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What is your elbow called?

Your wenis (no, really, I heard that from my science teacher)(and she said its another name for your back of your elbow"so its call your wenis!
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Who invented your elbow?

This has got to be the same person who asked who invented toes, and again it was god. He invented manythings, ears eyes noses, fingers, arms, legs etc.
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Do cats have elbows?

ANSWER of course they do, if you take one of their "hands" you can feel it. you can't see it, but you can touch it and feel it. and you can maybe see it when they are sittin ( Full Answer )
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What is golf elbow?

A stiff elbow or elbow soreness that arises from the repetition of flexing your elbow in a golf swing.
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How does the elbow work?

The elbow consists of the articulation between three bones: the humerus, the radius, and the ulna. When you bring your hand closer to your shoulder, this is a movement known a ( Full Answer )
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What is elbow grease?

it's an expression, meaning muscle. " It might take some elbow grease to lift it."
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Can you break your elbow?

It's possible to shatter or dislocate your elbow, and can take as little as 8-14lbs. of pressure (depending on how it's applied) to do so.
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How do you crack your elbow?

all you do is you streach it real hard and you hear a fuzzing sound :)
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What are elbows pasta?

Elebow Pasta is just that.... look at your arm from 4 inches below your elbow ( the sharp bend) and 4 inches above your elbow. smooth out your elbow rounding it smooth and tha ( Full Answer )
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Do dogs have elbows?

yes, dogs do have 2 elbows and knees. it is the same with all mammal's! =D
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Why is the band elbow named elbow?

because one of the band players had a bad arm before they named their band so they called themselves elbow
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What is the function of the elbow?

the elbow is a joint that connects both parts of your arm so that it can move!! The elbow is a joint called the ball-and-socket joint. that is why it sticks out in a rounded s ( Full Answer )
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How do you break your elbow?

Hopefully, you will never break your elbow because it is painful and it could cause you never to be able to move your elbow without discomfort or pain again. With that said, a ( Full Answer )
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What is 'elbow displasia'?

Hip displasia (or dysplasia) is very often found in German shepards, though it does occur in other breeds. It is caused by a misalignment in the hip joint. Hip displasia usual ( Full Answer )
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Do elephants have elbows?

Yes, the front two 'feet' are technically arms so the joint there is an elbow.
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Do rabbits have elbows?

No, rabbits do not have elbows, however they do have shoulders and knees, but strangely enough, their knees bend backwards
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Where is the horses elbow?

Check out this picture: Just behind the top of the front legs, uder the stomach (you can feel the lump)
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What is pterygium elbow?

It causes an abnormality of limbs and joints. This disorder often causes joint contractures and is most common is infants. The most common disorder that includes the elbow usu ( Full Answer )
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Does chickens have elbows?

ha ha , what a random question, but i guess, scince they have wings then you might want to know... chickens do indeed have elbow bones ...
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Can you dislocate your elbow?

Yes. A dislocated elbow is a true medical emergency and may be limb threatening. Arteries that supply blood to the rest of your arm and hand can be pinched off thus blocking o ( Full Answer )
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What is an ossicle in the elbow?

An accessory ossicle of the elbow is a small bonethat was formed during embryonic development in addition to thenormal bones. However the term can also mean: . A bone spur ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms of elbow?

the 'outside' of the elbow is also called the 'wenis', and the 'inside' can also be called the antecubital. Other synonyms can also include: joint, angle, curve
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How long is your elbow?

Computer Software A computer cannot store and work with information unless it has some programs inside its memory. Computer programs are called software and the most imp ( Full Answer )
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Do jaguars have elbows?

I dont know anything specifically about jaguars, but horses have elbowsonly in the front, the backs are called hocks because they bend forward rather than backward like elbows ( Full Answer )
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How do you stand on your elbow?

you pretty much put your elbows down and balance like a handstand, and then you lift one off (if you want just one elbow)its pretty simple .
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Do donkeys have elbows?

Yes, donkeys have elbows, they are located on the front legs where the leg bends (not to be confused with the knee).
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Gout and elbow?

Absolutely I am going through it right now. Its Red wine that triggers it in me. Swapped Beer for Cider and attacks were less frequent. Reality check now-time for major lifest ( Full Answer )
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How do you eat your elbow?

1) Hack saw off 2) Boil in a pan of 200ml water 3) Add garlic/paprica 4) serve with cream
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What is the cell in the elbow?

You are not making any sense with your question. The skin which has cells is called "epidermis". Your whole body has epidermis and it is made of cells.
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What is elbow Greece?

Elbow grease is an idiom or term used meaning to work hard, to put more physical effort into a job or task.
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How do you elbow someone?

bend your elbow into position then aim for the face/ nose area. make it nice and quick and keep going until they die
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What if you had no elbows?

IF you had no elbows... you would be a hideous disguting ogre with no reason live so kiss yourself.
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Can you get cancer in your elbow?

It is possible to get cancer everywhere.. Cancer cells can grow in any location of the body, which is the main reason why cancer is such a dangerous disease. It tends to spr ( Full Answer )