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What is the Elder wand?

The elder wand, also known as the Deathstick and the Wand of Destiny is an unbeatable wand with a core of thestral hair and made from wood of the elder tree. The Tale of the T ( Full Answer )
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What is respecting of elders?

IS like when u respect them they feel happy and ain't sad and because why u have to respect your elders is because there are the one who try to help some are the one who care ( Full Answer )
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What does elder means?

Usually its the older of two people with the same name, more often father and son, like senior and junior although people barely use elder or younger anymore. It can also mean ( Full Answer )
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Who was the elders in The Bible?

I've also wondered this. I've read in the Bible that says they are just wise people that ran a few churches and there are 24 of them. But I don't know details or who they are. ( Full Answer )
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What does elder mean?

In general, the word elder means older and is usually used\nto refer to someone who is among the older ones in a group of people. \nIt is also used as a an alternative com ( Full Answer )
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Who is Pliny the elder?

Pliny the Elder was living in Pompeii when the eruption of AD 79 killed his uncle and almost destroyed his family. He wrote the only account of the eruption on record.
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Who is Lee ELder?

He was a golfer, the first black man to play in the Masters Tournament, he had 8 professional wins.
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What is elder meat?

elder meat is very simple to's kind of like a burger,because when your grandparents etc. die most people have a good barbeque...they eat their t ( Full Answer )
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What is a elder?

An elder is person or animal that has entered its old age, dogs become elders at 7 years of age.
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What did the council of elders do?

The Council Of Elders (Gerousia) comprised 30 citizens who weremales at least 60 years of age and included the two kings. Thoseconducted the routine business of government and ( Full Answer )
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Are elders wise?

ya. they have years of experience. but they doexaggerate a bit. ya. they have years of experience. but they do exaggerate a bit.
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What is cow elder?

Elder is the udder lining, similar to tripe from the stomach, is usually green and is considered a delicacy in northern England
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You are elder than me or to me?

You can either say: "You are older than me" Or: "You are an elder to me"
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Who of these is NOT an elder of the Volturi?

Afton, Alec, Chelsea, Corin, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, Jane, Santiago and Renata. That's all I can think of at the moment, there are a few more. Hope that helped. :)
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Who are the elders of the volturi?

Aro, Caius, Marcus and there wives. Sulpicia (Aro's wife) Athenodora (Caius' wife) and Didyme (Marcus' deceased wife). They are all the 'elders'.
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Who was not an elder of the volturi?

Well, Jane and her twin brother Alec, and some of the unknown guards. Really most of them are ancient.
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Who is a elder of the Volturi?

Aro, Caius, Marcus and there wives. Sulpicia (Aro's wife) Athenodora (Caius' wife) and Didyme (Marcus' deceased wife). They are all the 'elders'. .
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How can you impress the elder?

be obedient to them. or atleast SHOW ur obedience just for the moment you are talking to them or when you think they are noting you ;)
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What is a elder in The Giver?

An Elder in the Giver is and older person. Elder means older person... like a grandma(old).
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Who were the elders in The Bible?

If you are referring to the 24 elders seated at the throne of God the answer is no one knows. Many different hypothesis exist on this topic but there is no answer within scrip ( Full Answer )
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What is caring for elders?

Caring for elders can include a variety of things. It's providing them with the basic needs, like shelter, food and water. It's making sure that they are taking any medication ( Full Answer )
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How do you behave to elders?

Towards, you mean? Anyway, you treat them respectfully. If it wasn't for our 'elders', we wouldn't be here :) So I'd say have respect for them and also be of a courteous natur ( Full Answer )
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Can a elder have babies?

After a women undergoes menopause, she is no longer able to conceive children by natural means. Menopause typically occurs in the late 40's through the mid 50's years of life. ( Full Answer )
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What were the elders in the Iroquois?

"Iroquois" is not the name of one tribe but a group of allied tribes - the Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, Cayuga, Mohawk and Tuscarora. Each tribe had its own council of elders ( Full Answer )
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What is respecting elders?

Respecting elders can be showing kindness or giving a helping hand to an older member of the family or society. It can also be deferring to the knowledge and opinions of an ol ( Full Answer )
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Why elders are in elders home?

Many times, people feel that they are unable to care for their elderly loved ones properly themselves. They may not have the necessary space or training to provide the kind of ( Full Answer )
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Why do elders get wrinkles?

Elders get wrinkles because as we age , the amount of collagen level in our body decreases. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity in our body, so when it starts depleting ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with a elder scroll?

You can sell it to the Librarian (Urag gro-Shub [Orc]) in the College of Winterhold for 2000 gold.
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What is the mission of the Elders?

The Elders is a group of leaders from around the globe that is focused on human rights and to promote peace. The group was formed by Nelson Mandela in 2007.
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What is a Councilor of elders?

Actually, the common spelling is "counselor"-- a "councilor" isrelated to politics. I believe you are asking about working withthe elderly or aged population. There is a growi ( Full Answer )
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Who was Cato the Elder?

A Roman aristocrat and political leader in the Second Century BCE,who waged an unrelenting opposition to Carthage.
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Is elder an adjective?

Yes it is. It is also a noun for an older person especially one inauthority.
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What is the elder dragon?

the elder dragon is the oldest and yet the strongest dragon ofall dragons. . the elder dragon is said to hold a great power for a chosenbeing.
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Who was in the council of elders?

The Spartan Council of Elders (Gerousia or Senate) was 28 citizensover the age of 60 elected for life by the Assembly of the (male)citizens plus the two kings of Sparta. It co ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into the council of elders?

The Council of Elders (Gerousia) was 30 members of upper classSparta, over 60 years in age elected by the Assembly of Spartancitizens. Two members were the two kings, who did ( Full Answer )