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What is an electrolyte?

An electrolyte is a aqueous solution which acts as a medium toconduct electricity. Electrolyte is defined as the solution inwhich electricity is passed and causes ions to move ( Full Answer )
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Is carbontetrachloride an electrolyte?

Answer . Carbontetrachloride, CCl 4 , is not an electrolyte. To be an electrolyte, the solution must contain dissolved ions. All pure liquids, with only a few exceptions ( Full Answer )
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What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are substances that contain free ions. Hence theirimportant feature is that they can act as an electricallyconductive medium, i.e. the flow of charge is possible ( Full Answer )
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How does an electrolyte differ from a non electrolyte?

electrolytes react with water to form ions in solution, and nonelectrolytes have molecules.Electrolytes are ionic compounds and some covalent compounds like strong acids. Non ( Full Answer )
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Is silica an electrolyte?

No , it isn't. I may be possible to get it to act like one if you mix other things in with it and melt it, but as a solid, it won't work. Silica is a mineral, and it is gene ( Full Answer )
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What are the elements in electrolytes?

Electrolytes are salts which are found in the body that conductelectricity. Some examples are calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorideand potassium.
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Is ethanol an electrolyte?

No ethanol is not an electrolyte, it doesn't form any ions when mixed with water.
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Is ionic an electrolyte?

Some ionic compounds are and some are not. It depends on whether they are water soluble or not.
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What is electrolytic cell?

It is a cell that contains an electrolyte in which an electrochemical reaction produces an electromotive force.
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Is Mercury an electrolyte?

No, electrolytes are those substances which produce ions in solution or in molten form, Mercury is a pure liquid metal and conduct the electricity.
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Is H2O an electrolyte?

When I was at school pure water ie h2o was an insulator but due to it's nature a very slight impurity turns it into a very good electrolyte that said the answer must be no!
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Is argon a electrolyte?

No. An electrolyte is a substance in an aqueous solution that conducts electricity due to the presence of ions. Since Argon by itself is an atom and does not have any ions, i ( Full Answer )
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Is ca2co3 and electrolyte?

Yes. If dissolved in water it will ionize, where the charged ions are able to pass on electricity.
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What is electrolytic capacitors?

All electrolytic capacitors are polarized capacitors whose anodeelectrode (+) are made of a special metal on which an insulatingoxide layer originates by anodization (forming) ( Full Answer )
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What electrolyte an non-electrolyte?

all those compound which become ionized in molten state or in aqueous solution conduct the electricity and are electrolytes and which can not form ions are non electrolyte.
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Differentiate an electrolyte from non-electrolyte?

electrolyte is any substance that dissociate into ions and form electrically conducting medium. e.g Nacl while nonelectrloyte substance it is the one that doesnot dissociate i ( Full Answer )
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What is electrolyte composed of?

In chemistry, an electrolyte is any atom or molecule that has an overall electric charge; these are commonly called ions.
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Are lipids electrolytes?

No. Electrolytes are usually acids, bases, or salts. A lipid polymer is much larger and more complex then the aforementioned things.
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Is a bicarbonate an electrolyte?

Yes, some bicarbonates can be used as electrolytes They are the same, Bicarbonate are the dissolve minerals, electrolytes are also dissolve minerals in the blood.
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Is salt an electrolyte or non electrolyte?

Sodium chloride is an electrolyte only and because can bedissociated in ions: in water solutions or when is melted.
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What is a electrolytic conductor?

A melted or dissolved compound that has broken apart into ions (anions and cations). Applying an electric field across an electrolyte causes the anions and cations to move in ( Full Answer )
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Is NaOH an electrolyte or non electrolyte?

NaOH is a very strong base which will completely dissosociate into Na + and -OH ions, which means it is a strong electrolyte
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Do potatoes have electrolytes?

Water is contained naturally in potatoes; however, soaking the potato overnight in water will help it conduct even more electricity. The water helps the salt in the potato bre ( Full Answer )
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What are Electrolyte supplements?

Electrolyte supplements are a varied group of prescription and nonprescription preparations used to correct imbalances in the body's electrolyte levels
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Is Na2SO4 and electrolyte or non electrolyte?

It is an electrolyte because when dissolved, it dissociates into 2 Na+ ions and one SO4- ion, allowing electricity to flow through the solution.
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What is an electrolyte disorder?

An electrolyte disorder is an imbalance of certain ionized salts (i.e., bicarbonate, calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and sodium) in the blood
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What are electrolytes in water?

Electrolytes are things like salt that make the water able to conduct electricity. Fact: Water itself does not conduct electricity, it is the electrolytes and other things t ( Full Answer )
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When is salt an electrolyte?

Sodium chloride is an electrolyte only and because can bedissociated in ions: in water solutions or when is melted.
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Is KCl an electrolyte or non-electrolyte?

Potassium chloride, KCl, is an electrolyte, because in water it dissociates into solvated potassium and chloride ions.
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Is CS2 an electrolyte?

No. CS2 is not an electrolyte because CS2 can't be ionised as independent carbon ion does not exist.
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Is ammonia an electrolyte or non electrolyte?

Ammonia in water is an electrolyte. It forms ammonium hydroxide (NH 4 OH), which is a base, and basic solutions are electrolytic.
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What does an electrolytic capacitor do?

The same thing as any other capacitor does (i.e. oppose changes inthe voltage across it) except: . it has much greater capacitance per volume than othercapacitors . has hig ( Full Answer )
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What is An electrolyte-?

An electrolyte is any substance that contains free ions, that makes the substance to be electrically conductive.