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How do you get an elf?

To get an elf....Put saltine crackers and water under your Christmas tree and the next day u will surely get an elf :) Better answer... Elves are very cool! They will hi ( Full Answer )
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What is an elf?

An elf is a humanlike entity that has slightly pale skin, slightly pointed ears, who occasionally faint, still have middle age weapons, and are much more shorter than humans. ( Full Answer )
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What does an elf do?

an elf works for santa and watchs kids with him. but you can get your own elf. i have one myself. but i will only have him till Christmas day.
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Who are the ELF?

If you want to know the initials, its Ever-lasting Friends which is the group that signals the Korean group Super Junior. Otherwise, its the helpers of Santa jk
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When do you find an elf?

You can't. Elves don't exist.. Middle earth, here is a link from wikipedia to get more info.
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How do you get an elf from Santa?

It sounds like you've had a trip to wonderland in your head! Im sorry but, you CAN NOT have one of Santas elfs. They are his children and they are not for sale, mostlikely.
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How big is an elf?

elves are tall. Elves are fantasy or fictional creatures, generally considered to be quite diminutive.
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How do you realize if you are an elf?

i guess the clues are that your ears are sorta pointed at the end and your short like really short for your age.
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Elf in Japanese?

There really isn't a Japanese word for "elf" as the concept of elves originated in European folklore. The elves depicted in Japanese anime and manga are influenced by Western ( Full Answer )
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How do you get elfs?

Okay, sooooo......Santa and Mrs. Claus felt happy together so they mad a bunch of little baby elfs. So after they are made Santa makes them make all the toys for all the good ( Full Answer )
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Were do you get a elf?

leave some crackers and water under your Christmas tree, leave a note for the elf and wait until the next day. it works for some people, it worked for my friends, i sware. the ( Full Answer )
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Are you an elf?

No. You are not an elf. If you seem to have 'pointy ears', that should be unfathomable to residents of you.
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How do you get a elf-magic?

you put chocolate under a box and put an pencil up to hold the box up it works all season if you believe it takes as long as it needs
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Is link an elf?

He is said to be an elf in the description of 'the legend of Zelda' games
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How do you get an elf magic elf?

you get an elf magic elf by leaving water and crackers and sending a letter to santaclaus, North Pole or go to but those are real. All are real i would never ( Full Answer )
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What does elf plus elf equal?

Pure-er elves. There are many different elf ethinicities. Mine, for insance, is of the palistinian deserts. Although most of us elves appear to be european, we are a worldwid ( Full Answer )
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Is elf plural?

No, the noun 'elf' is singular , a word for one imaginarycreature. The plural form of the noun 'elf' is elves.
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How do you attract a elf?

Here is how: 1.Get a small bowl, place tissues in it, and place a cracker on top of the tissues inside the bowl. 2.Write a note to an elf on a piece of paper. 3. Go into a ro ( Full Answer )
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How do you get an elf on babydow?

They sold them in the Fairy Forest... They cost 4 passes each, but I heard they don't sell them anymore... Someone told me that when your child is about to go to nursery it ( Full Answer )
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Is Bruno an elf?

yes, he is an elf since he was shrunk down when he was 29, got abducted by aliens, raped by hippo's and fairy's then was given back to the queen of England :)
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How can you be an elf?

Well.... you can't. Sorry. You can pretend, but you will never be a real elf. I am the only one with that ability. 'Cause I'm special. :D
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Is the elf on the elf shelf real?

Yes. It flies, moves, messes around, and plays while your gone and flies back to the North Pole while you're asleep. They are NOT REAl! Your parents move them around when yo ( Full Answer )
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How to get an elf?

First, travel up to the north pole. Once you arrive, you will need to contact Ralphie the drug dealer and get some roofies. With the roofies in hand travel to Santa's Workshop ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a elf?

You need to put out something like a Sweet treat and put it somewhere out in the open and the elf will like it. Also put out hot chocolate.
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Can you touch elf on the shelf elfs?

No!!!! If you TOUCH THEM THEY LOSE THEIR POWERS & CAN'T GET BACK TO THE NORTH POLE!!! Only adults can touch an elf if they fear for the safety of the elf! If you'v ( Full Answer )
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Can elfs magic elfs have babies?

Well, actually, yes they can have babies in fact one of my elf's had 4 of them her name is Poppy and her boyfriend blazer had 4 babies and they had black hair just like her an ( Full Answer )
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What do elf on the shelves do?

Elf on the shelves do their job of eatching little kids and give them goodies on holidays if they are good like on christmas they give you a harmonica
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Was Gandalf an elf?

No, Gandalf was not an elf. He is a Maia, a spirit sent to Middle Earth by the Valar in the Undying Lands, to help the people fight against Sauron. He, and the four others sen ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a elf on babydow?

They used to be available in the Fairy Forest for four passes. Now you can only get them in special events.
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When will you get your elf on the shelf?

You will get it soon as possibile when it is there make sure not totouch it or else it will lose its magic
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Where is a elf?

It is at the south pole eating. They lie and say they are in thenorth to make us think their high and mighty, they don't eatcrackers they eat animals because I found a half ea ( Full Answer )