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How are natural gemstones treated to reveal color or elimate flaws?

The most commonly used method of enhancing gemstone color is heating - examples are Tanzanite which comes out of the ground brown is heated and changes to blue. Same with sapp (MORE)

How do you elimate egr and all smog stuff on a 1991 Z28?

You'll need to eliminate all of the computer controls, sensors, automatic transmission controls and sensors (which means changing to an older style automatic transmission), co (MORE)

How can harmful effects of pollution could be minimized or elimated in a lake?

The harmfuleffects of pollution in a lake could be minimised or eliminated in a number of ways, however the size and the geography of the lake would determine if this was viab (MORE)

Who win the WWE champIONship in elimation chamber?

Elimination Chamber for The WWE Championship: WWE Champion, Sheamus VS. John Cena VS. Randy Orton VS. Triple H VS. Kofi Kingston VS. Ted DiBiase Winner: John Cena BUT!!! Vince (MORE)

Who got elimated on American Idol 4-21-2010?

Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze are the top 2 season 9 contestests. Casey James was voted off in 3rd place May 19, Michael Lynche was voted off in 4th place May 12, Arron Kell (MORE)

Can a federal judge position be elimated?

Yes, BUT There are several types of federal judges. This answer applies only to judges or justices of the Judicial Branch, established under Article III of the Constitutio (MORE)

Who got elimated tonight on Masterchef?

If the day was 25/10, Alex, Anthony, Emily and Sam were eliminated. If the day was 8/11, Pierre, Nick, Lucy and Cassidy were knock out. If the day was 14/11, Siena and Sof (MORE)

What does ELIM?

Do you mean in late season standings charts? If so it means elimination number or the combination of loss by that team and wins by the "first place" team that results in the m (MORE)