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Is elle fanning small for her age?

She was 5 feet at 11 yrs old. Now shes 5"6 so, shes not small. Shes pretty tall
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What is an ell?

An ELL student stands for English Language Learner. An ell is an old unit of measurement. An English ell was a littleover 45", supposedly based on the distance from shoulder ( Full Answer )
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How much is an ell?

you can't buy an ell you can only buy vowels.. ask Vanna Answer An ell is an ancient measurement, usually of cloth, measured from the elbow to the tip of the index finger.
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What kind of font is used on the word Elle on Elle magazine?

I used the "Onyx" font for the ELLE cover (school assignment) and it worked pretty well (it matches almost exactly the original ELLE font - but Onyx was already installed on ( Full Answer )
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Who are ELL students?

English language . learners (ELLs) . Students whose first language. is other than English. and who therefore are. learning English at the same. time they are learning t ( Full Answer )
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Who is Elle Duncan married to?

she isn't I don't think.. but the AJC had a story that she is dating Michael Turner who plays for the Hawks..
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How do you get ELLE clothers on stardoll?

You buy them by acceding the starplaza. Then you click on elle. Although elle isn't on stardoll anymore :( sorry Feel free to add me, tommia123 and to join my club called f ( Full Answer )
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What is Elle Fanning's Email Edress? Her real personal one... is OH AND.. DONT ALWAYS EXPECT AN EMAIL BACK.
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Is Daniel and elle macpherson related?

No Elle's last name "macpherson" actually came from her step father. She only has a sister
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In heroes does sylar kill elle?

Yes Sylar kills Elle in the episode Eclpise Part 2 after he discovers that she helped create him to be a monster.
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Who is elle fowler?

she is a 21 year old. she does makeup on she and her sister Blair both have & accounts and they have 1,000's of subscriber's and follower's ( Full Answer )
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How old are Elle and Dakota fanning?

Elle is 11 Years old. Birthday (April 9, 1998) Dakota is 15 years old. Birthday (February 23, 1994) 2009
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Is Elle Woods real?

Elle Woods is a fictonial character who is the lead protagonist of most media revolving around the legally blond universe. The character originated in the 2001 novel, Lega ( Full Answer )
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Where does elle fowler live?

She used to live in Glendalle, NC but now she lives in Los Angeles, CA United Stated
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What is Elle fanning's Facebook?

I'm not 100% sure but I found an account called Fanning Mary n it could be Elle cause she showed me a pic I've never seen of her... I can't post the link from my phone but she ( Full Answer )
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What are the answers for what the elle do you know contest?

The first answer gagaville second answer Hailee Steinfeild third answer France forth answer Fashion Designer fifth answer The french committe of couturieres sixth answer Miche ( Full Answer )
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What does elle pour mignonne mean?

That is not logical, as it means "she for pretty". Proper French structure would be "elle est mignonne".
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Who is Elle barton?

Elle Barton is Simon Cowell's daughter who lives in Liverpool UK, she was born in JUly
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Is elle magazine named after elle mcpherson?

No, the magazine Elle was created in the 1940s and McPherson was born in 1963. Many people get this confused though.
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What does elle on a mean?

Elle and on are both subject pronouns. They are not used together in the manner you described in your question. It seems like you are conjugating the verb "avoir" (to have). ( Full Answer )
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Do goldfish eat ell?

no what sort of question is that just feed it fish flakes it keeps it healthy and happy
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How do you spell ells?

The spelling ells could be a phonetic plural (L's) or a surname (golfer Ernie Ells ). It may be the plural eels (snake-like marine animals) or the word else (used as a ( Full Answer )
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Who is elle Williams?

Elle Williams is an x ratedÊactress of french descent, she was born September 24, 1980.Ê She has modeld for Playboy, Hustler, and Mystique magazines.Ê
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What kind of tires does JAXQuickfit ell?

JAXQuickFit sells Goodyear tires. The website is based in Australia and has a vast collection of Goodyear tires and also accessories to fit the tires.
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What does Ella Elle L'a mean?

Ellla elle l'a is a rhyming gimmick in a song. That means "Ella (Fitzgerald), she has it" (she has what it takes to be a great jazz singer).
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What is Kurt Elling famous for?

Kurt Elling is most famous for his occupation as an American jazz musician, composer, lyricist, and vocalist. He has been active since 1995 and recorded his first demo in 1990 ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase Elle mags?

Elle magazines are sold at almost any store that sells magazines, such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and other similar stores. Additionally, one can order a subscription off ( Full Answer )
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Is an ell an animal?

Eel, a snakelike fish. The eel has a long tapered body covered by slimy skin. Some species have scales. The eel has dorsal (back) fins but no pelvic fins. The largest species ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Diana Elles written?

Diana Elles has written: 'The housewife and the Common Market' -- subject- s -: European Economic Community
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What has the author Elle Wolfe written?

Elle Wolfe has written: 'Palm Beach Prep #4: Screen Test' 'Palm Beach Prep #5: Troublemaker'
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What has the author Elle Eggels written?

Elle Eggels has written: 'Het huis van de zeven zusters' 'The House of Seven Sisters' 'Kroniek van een onbegrepen liefde' 'La Casa de Las Siete Hermanas'
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What words end with ell?

There are many common words that end with -ell : barbell befell bell bluebell bombshell cell clamshell cockleshell counterspell cowbell dell doorbell ( Full Answer )