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What m elts ice faster chalk salt or sugar and why?

Salt. Salt dissolves in water, and causes the freezing point to fall; this causes the ice to melt. Sugar does not have this effect, and chalk doesn't dissolve in water.
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Why is syntax important for elt?

If by ELT you mean "English Language Teaching," then syntax is important because the structure of a sentence gives it meaning. Two sentences can be similar in the words it use ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to give your egg and your husbands sperm to someone elts to give birth?

Yes, although it is a complex and expensive medical process. Talk to a fertility doctor about this. In general, when a woman is carrying a baby that is intended to belong t ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell elts?

The possible words include: else - otherwise elks - more than one elk (Elks for the order, BPOE) elves - plural of elf
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Is an elt a breed of pig?

The word, "elt", refers to a young sow or pig. It is an obscureword, but has been in use since 1864 and is still in use in certainBritish dialects.
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What is scope of elt in Pakistan?

It is already there.There are several ELT testing and training centers working inPakistan. Though number is low but they are there.
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What has the author Mary Elting written?

Mary Elting has written: 'The story of archaeology in the Americas' 'The Macmillan book of the human body' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Human, Human anatomy 'Every child's bo ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Ronald Elte written?

Ronald Elte has written: 'Van het toezicht op het onderwijs' -- subject(s): Administration, High schools, Netherlands, Netherlands. Inspectie van het Onderwijs, School manag ( Full Answer )