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What is a fire ems?

it is a person that fights fires and does medical paramedic skills EDIT: EMS means Emergency Medical Services. Does not have to be paramedic, can be an EMT which is a less ( Full Answer )
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What to you do to become an EMS?

You don't become an EMS you become an EMT that works for an EMS. an EMT is an Emergency Medical Tech. And EMS is Emergency Medical Service. To answer your question contact ( Full Answer )
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What does an EMS do?

E.M.S stands for Emergency Medical Services, gennerally an ambulance service that responds to 911 calls for medical response, depending on your locations ems may have a small ( Full Answer )
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What does Ems stands for?

EMS stands for Emergency Medical Service. Or Emergency Medical System, Most commonly Service.. As this was in the car section too it may stand for Engine Management System
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What is em?

The phoneme "em" is the sound of the letter M in English. The proper form Em is a shortened form of several names, including Emma, Emmaline, and Emily.
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What is an em dash?

- It is like a hyphen, only wider. It is meant to be the width of the letter m which is how it got its name. It is used to indicate that a sentence is unfinished because the ( Full Answer )
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What is an em wave?

It is an "electromagnetic wave." Electromagnetic waves are by definition is any kind of actual radiation. X-Ray, microwaves, light, radio waves, and gamma rays. It does not ( Full Answer )
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Are em portugues?

I am Eu sou You are Tu és He,she,it is Ele é We are Nós somos You are Vós sois They are Eles são It also depends on what you want t ( Full Answer )
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What is disc em?

a disc em is a cooking utensil like a wisk you can make my favorite treat eggs jk
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Why is EMS necessary?

Emergency Medical Services are require to deal with first stagemajor trauma. It is a service providing out-of-hospital acute careand transport to definitive care plan/type, to ( Full Answer )