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What is an 'em dash'?

"Em dash" is a printing/typesetting term, and it refers to a dash the width of the capital letter "M". The shorter dash is similarly referred to as an "en dash." There is also ( Full Answer )
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What does EMS mean?

If this is in relation to the em used to define fotn size on websites. An em (or Mutt) is a relative unit that refers to the size of the letter "M" in a font. Because em is a ( Full Answer )
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What is a fire ems?

it is a person that fights fires and does medical paramedic skills EDIT: EMS means Emergency Medical Services. Does not have to be paramedic, can be an EMT which is a less ( Full Answer )
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What does it take to be an EMS?

If you are asking what does it take to start in EMS (ie Paramedic) Well it takes class work and also it depends on how far you want to go in the field. If you want to just sta ( Full Answer )
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What to you do to become an EMS?

You don't become an EMS you become an EMT that works for an EMS. an EMT is an Emergency Medical Tech. And EMS is Emergency Medical Service. To answer your question contact ( Full Answer )
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What does an EMS do?

E.M.S stands for Emergency Medical Services, gennerally an ambulance service that responds to 911 calls for medical response, depending on your locations ems may have a small ( Full Answer )
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What does Ems stands for?

EMS stands for Emergency Medical Service. Or Emergency Medical System, Most commonly Service.. As this was in the car section too it may stand for Engine Management System
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What is em?

The phoneme "em" is the sound of the letter M in English. The proper form Em is a shortened form of several names, including Emma, Emmaline, and Emily.
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What does EMS stand for?

E.M.S .... I ( Andre Cooper : ) ) made this up. E is Eat M is my Swagg. : ) Find the page on face book .
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What is EM radiation?

EM radiation is the energy propagated through free space or through a material medium in the form of electromagnetic waves. Examples include radio waves, infrared radiation ( Full Answer )
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What are the Ranks in the EMS?

cfr - first responder emt b - basic emt cc - critical care emt p - paramedic
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What is an em dash?

- It is like a hyphen, only wider. It is meant to be the width of the letter m which is how it got its name. It is used to indicate that a sentence is unfinished because the ( Full Answer )
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Who is EM Tiffany?

E.M. Tiffany wrote the FFA Creed. The FFA Creed was adopted at the 3rd National Convention of the FFA, and it was revised at the 38th Convention an the 63rd Convention. wrote ( Full Answer )
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What is an em wave?

It is an "electromagnetic wave." Electromagnetic waves are by definition is any kind of actual radiation. X-Ray, microwaves, light, radio waves, and gamma rays. It does not ( Full Answer )
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What does Emely mean?

emely means a nice girl that do her work and obay her mother. she will merry a man that knows how to erned money and life in a palace. She is a very lucky girl.
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Who is EM Gray?

E. M. Gray, a formed mayor of Greenville, Mississippi, and former member and first president of the Greenville Park Commission. I do not know if he is the one with the quote o ( Full Answer )
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What is juke-em?

to fool somebody; to fake someone out. ie: "I totally juked that guy when I went in for the kiss, then turned my head and walked away. "
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Brr stick em ha ha stick em?

This is the chorus from the 1984 song "Stick 'Em" from the album Fat Boys by the Fat Boys, featuring (the late) Buff Love, the Human Beat Box. The song was also performed ( Full Answer )
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What is a EM sensor?

An EM sensor is an electromagnetic sensor (Hard Tag) used for inventory control in retail stores. They are the tags you find attached to expensive stuff that only come off at ( Full Answer )
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What is Via EMS?

EMS is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise, offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The UPU is an inter ( Full Answer )
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How do you get ems in nanovor?

To get EMS in Nanovor you must either win battles, buy nanocash and buy an EMS pack, or do rewards (found in your "profile" section). All these things can get you EMS :) ( Full Answer )
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What does em stand for?

it can also mean like if your talking to your friends or something they can mean em as in umm or uhm yano like your thinking it can also mean that
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What is em in css?

em is the scale of a font size, 1em is the native size (usually 12pt.) for example, with the statement "font-size:2em;", the font will be twice the size, which is quite large. ( Full Answer )
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Who is Aunt Em?

Aunt Em is the wife of Uncle Henry. Both she and her husband are the foster parents of Dorothy Gale. Dorothy is presented as an orphan in the Oz book series by Lyman Frank ( Full Answer )
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Who said Stack em high and sell em cheap?

Jack Cohen, I read. a British retail mogul who founded what is now known as Tesco in the UK. I believe it was early in the 20th century when he developed this marketing scheme ( Full Answer )
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Are em portugues?

I am Eu sou You are Tu és He,she,it is Ele é We are Nós somos You are Vós sois They are Eles são It also depends on what you want t ( Full Answer )
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How can a National EMS database benefit EMS?

The simplest answer would suggest that with a common language, statistical research could improve both patient outcome and highlight areas of improvement and financial deficit ( Full Answer )
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What is disc em?

a disc em is a cooking utensil like a wisk you can make my favorite treat eggs jk
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Is EMS fast?

It depends on location, condition, and severity. If you live far away from the nearest trauma center and you have a horrible condition, you might have to even get helicoptere ( Full Answer )
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What is em heating?

On a thermostat, "EM heating" stands for emergency heating. It heats your house up very quickly, and is costly to run. This is suppose to be used if you've lost heat from your ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of rock em' sock em' robots?

It was made by the Marx Toy Co. but was designed by Marvin Glass and Associates. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots was made in 1966. Star Wars was a strong influence on the game.
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Why is EMS necessary?

Emergency Medical Services are require to deal with first stagemajor trauma. It is a service providing out-of-hospital acute careand transport to definitive care plan/type, to ( Full Answer )
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How many robots are in a rock em sock em game?

There are two robots on the rock em sock game. There is usually one red robot and one blue robot however, colors have changed several times throughout the years.
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What is Ems Plus?

Emsplus is an end to end solution for management of academic,operational, financial and human resource of an educationinstitution. With a central repository of data capture fr ( Full Answer )