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She said she is confused and doesnt know what she wants?

Then she doesn't and should leave her alone and let her come to you when she figures it out. . Answer . Confusion in life hits all ages. Life certainly has twists and som (MORE)
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My Secret World DS game has an existing password and I want to know how to delete and reset?

To change the password, go to the middle blue tab. . Click on "My Settings">2nd Tab with the lock. . Then select "Change Secret Code" . This ONLY works if you know the passw (MORE)
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Do the Walt Disney World employees live on site?

No. Most cast members have their own housing. Disney does offer off property dorms for the cast members enrolled in college program or international program. Some cast members (MORE)
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Anyone out there know a lot of Disney secrets Im a huge Disney fan and i want to know every secret of every park in Walt Disney World Florida please answer?

There are Hidden Mickeys hidden around the resort heres one. In epcot don't blink at the golf ball on soarin. ________________________________________________________________ (MORE)
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Why did Walt Disney want rides in Disney World?

Walt Disney used to take his 2 daughters to Griffith Park and he'dwatch them go on the rides. Walt wanted to create a theme parkwhere parents and children could ride the rides (MORE)
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Are there apartments for employees at Disney World?

Well technically Yes. Apartments exist around the Orlando, LakeBuena Vista area that Disney employees can occupy, however if youmean, are there apartments supplied BY Disney, (MORE)