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What is ENS number?

An ESN number is an electronic serial number used foridentification of mobile devices. These numbers are represented byeither a 8 digit hexadecimal number or a 11 digit decima (MORE)
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What is the meaning of -en?

1) As a preposition . - Considering situation ; in . en France et au Rouyaume-Uni : in France and in United Kingdom. en prison - in jail. Exception : en mer : at sea. (MORE)
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What does 'en' mean?

In printing lingo, the 'en' is equal to half the width of the 'em'. In the English language it is the phonetic pronunciation of the alphabet letter "N".
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What is En-31?

En31 Grade is an Commercial quality grade. It can be supplied in either in Anneal or Harden-Temper condition. It is equivalent to 100 Cr6 Grade . Its having higher %C & %Cr. (MORE)
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Why did the cazr rule ened?

because the people got mad at the last czar and killed him
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What does lingers me-en?

If something lingers on, it keeps on going and going and going and going (most of the time to slow according to the one using this terminology).
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Who is enes muslu?

First Name: Enes Second Name: Muslu (DOB: Classified Sex: Male Wealth: £127,402,236,658 Job: Classified
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How is the preparation of the mis-en-place?

It is essentially all of the prep work for cooking in an ordered manner. I.e. Cutting all of the vegetables before hand and close by so that when it's time for them to be cook (MORE)
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What is ens in shipping?

The letters ENS are used in the EU for Entry Summary Declarations. It is an electronic document that needs to be filed with EU customs, by the customer 24 hours before the st (MORE)
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Is enes kanter Jewish?

No he is Muslim. During his interviews he says Insha'Allah and other Islamic Terms.
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When was Ene Ergma born?

Ene Ergma was born on February 29, 1944.
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What month is ENE?

END is the abbreviation for Enero. Which Spanish for January.