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Why beethoven composed classic music?

Beethoven only composed very few pieces in a "classical tone", primarily his first symphony. He was taught by Haydn, a classical composer, so it would make sense for Beethoven (MORE)

Why are dynamics important in classical music?

That was the period when dynamics began to develop. Instruments were developed that allowed grand shifts in volume throughout the piece. In prior areas, volume would remain th (MORE)

Who is the best classical music composer?

There is no definitive answer for this question. Ask 1,000 people this and you will get a thousand different answers, each worthy of being correct in its own merits. What seem (MORE)

When was classical music a popular music?

I think classical music was popular in the 1900's. ____________ Broadly defined, "Classical music" can refer to any art music from the 9th Century to the present. The distin (MORE)

Why is classical music good?

It is educational Ans.2: Because it has been written, and has to be performed, by real musicians (i.e. not 3-chord guitarists), it needs to be listened to, not merely heard, (MORE)

Which music genres were influenced by classical music?

Everything! The same theoretical elements of western music are used for all sorts of music: Jazz, Pop, Latin, Gospel, Musical Theater, etc. When we think of classical music, w (MORE)

Is art music church music?

Art music is any music that is not jazz, rock or pop music. It is what most people consider classical music, and includes almost all music from before the 1900s, and any orche (MORE)