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What are the differences between the Royal Navy flags 'royal ensign' 'red ensign' 'blue ensign' and 'white ensign'?

Answer . There are many rules governing the use of these ensigns under different circumstances and by ships of varying size, actions such as leaving harbour etc. Check the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Matt Ensign?

Matt Ensign is a Little Mons†er He flies around the world on his magic pig who has wings. He sprinkles glitter all over the world and leaves rainbows in his wake. He ( Full Answer )
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What is the new name for ensign operating company?

The "Who's Who" book says Devon. Who's Who in the American Petroleum Industry says Devon Energy Corporation is the successor to Ensign Oil Company, NOT Ensign Operating Co.
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Where did the name for the rank Ensign come from?

It dates back to the times of the Romans. Each unit of soldiers had a flag that helped identify them in battle and in larger units. A person that commanded a group of soldiers ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between the royal standard and the royal ensign?

A royal standard is the flag representing the monarch and the restof the royal family in a given country. An ensign is typically theflag used by a given country to identify mi ( Full Answer )
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Irish ensign on Star Trek next generation?

I believe you are talking about Transporter Chief Miles O'Brien, who went on to be the Chief Engineer on Deep Space 9, and was played by Irish actor Colm Meaney
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What is the difference between a flag and an ensign?

A flag flown at sea is known as an ensign. They can be Red, Blue or White. Civilian and Merchant vessels fly the Red Ensign, Navy Vessels fly either the Red, Blue of White dep ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word ensign in a sentence?

(flag) The ship's ensign showed that it was from foreign waters. (officer - the rank of ensign is the lowest line officer rank inthe US Navy) The ensign was in charge of pain ( Full Answer )
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When was the red ensign replaced?

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Where does the word ensign originate?

It comes from Latin 'insignia' via Scottish from Old French 'Enseigne' That of a soldier who carrier a banner or flag. Recorded in Europe in the late 14th Century
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When was the Ensign first published?

The Ensign was first published in January, 1971, along with the New Era and the Friend. They replaced previous Church magazines, The Improvement Era, The Relief Society Magazi ( Full Answer )
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Where did the word Ensign come from?

It is a heraldic symbol carried on a flag or a shield from Latin 'Insignia' then meaning banner or flag, a soldier who carries the device and used in the very early 1500's. Th ( Full Answer )
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What part of speech is ensign?

The word ensign is a noun and a verb. The noun form is a badge of office or rank. The verb form means to distinguish by a mark.
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What does it mean to be an ensign in the navy?

In the United States Navy, the rank of "ensign" superseded passed midshipman in 1862. It is the junior most commissioned officer in the navy, the coast guard, the National Oce ( Full Answer )
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What does the ensign on a ship mean?

The ensign of a ship refers the the flag flown by commissioned vessels. The US uses the national flag. Some navies, such as the British Navy, have a special ensign for their v ( Full Answer )
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What types of services are offered by Ensign Energy?

The Ensign Energy Services company is an industry leader in delivering oilfield services to Canada, the United States and Internationally. The company is a drilling and well ( Full Answer )
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What is John Ensign best known for?

John Ensign was a Senator for the state of Nevada, U.S.A. He was a member of the Republican party and represented them in Washington. He is probably most famously remembered ( Full Answer )
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Why did Ensign Sue's Sue field disappear?

Because she had had enough character development to no longer beconsidered a Sue, and her actions now had consequences.
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What movie and television projects has Michael Ensign been in?

Michael Ensign has: Played Home teacher in "Of Heaven and Home" in 1963. Played Dr. Gary (1994) in "General Hospital" in 1963. Played Mr. Grey in "ABC Afterschool Specials" in ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Red Ensign - 1934?

The cast of Red Ensign - 1934 includes: Leslie Banks as David Barr Henry Caine as Bassett Donald Calthrop as Macleod George Carney as Mr. Lindsey Alfred Drayton as Manning Car ( Full Answer )
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What has the author John Ensign written?

John Ensign has written: 'Camping together as Christians' -- subject(s): Camping, Church work with youth
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What has the author Ensign Hosmer Kellogg written?

Ensign Hosmer Kellogg has written: 'Oration: delivered July 4th, 1836' -- subject(s): Fourth of July orations 'Cable Interview Between the President and the Queen'
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What has the author Georgianne Ensign written?

Georgianne Ensign has written: 'The hunt for the mastodon' -- subject(s): Fossils, Juvenile literature, Mastodon 'Great Endings'
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What has the author Donald D Ensign written?

Donald D. Ensign has written: 'Emerald light' -- subject(s): Green Lantern (Comic strip), Indexes 'Silas B. Ensign, frontier doctor' -- subject(s): Biography, Physicians, ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Robert Taylor Ensign written?

Robert Taylor Ensign has written: 'Lean down your ear upon the earth, and listen' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Ecology in literature, Knowledge, Modernism (L ( Full Answer )