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What is the difference between Inc and ent?

Enterprises and incorporated business have very few differences andsometimes no difference at all, if the company chooses to callitself an enterprise. The word enterprise infe ( Full Answer )
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Are Ents trees?

Yes and no. Ents began as trees... The first one existed when some of the first Elves to be in Middle Earth desired to bring life to everything sang some song and brought so ( Full Answer )
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What are some words that end with ent?

ANSWER abandonment abasement abashment abatement abducent abetment abhorrent abluent abolishment abortifacient abridgement abridgment absent absor ( Full Answer )
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Can you catch ente in Pokemon Diamond?

One cannot catch the Entei in Pokemon Diamond. The only way to getEntei is to use a GameShark code or to hack the game.
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Best doctor of ENT in indore?

nothing like best but few good ones are dr vijay chourdia,vijaynagar. dr s.ohre, dr b basir,dr bhoraskar,dr maru etc
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How do you get ente in Pokemon LeafGreen?

well at the start of the game you have to pick squitle and after yo beat the elite four look for him in the grass
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How do you get to be an ent in the Lord of the Rings demo?

You cannot be an ent in the Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King. Sadly an ent is not playable. However, in the Battle for Middle Earth series you can be an ent. In the B ( Full Answer )
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Where are Ents on Lord of the Rings Conquest?

They are trees that can walk, talk and do other stuff. The elves made them able to speak. They go and crush Isengard and are much stronger than trolls. (even though the trolls ( Full Answer )
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What does ENT stands for in a hosptital?

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. This term has become the common term for the practice of otorhinolaryngology. From the original Greek it means the study of the ear nose and t ( Full Answer )
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Words that end in -ent are?

adjectives . apparent . bent . cent . convent . current . dent . different . lent . parent . present . prevent . rent . scent . sent . solvent . spend . tent ( Full Answer )
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What is commando operation in ent?

it is an en bloc removal , involving wide excision of the primary tumour ( 1-2 cm clearance) with hemimandibulectomy and radical neck dissection. combined mandibular dissectio ( Full Answer )
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Who Is Vixen ENT?

Vixen ent is a group of girls that rap "jerking" songs . they are really good you should listen to their songs i recommend get ,it , toot mt sh**, i need that) enjoy!!(:
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What does an ent doctor do?

ENT is an abbreviation for Ear , Nose and Throat . An ent doctor is specially qualified in dealing with problems in those areas. For more information, see 'Related li ( Full Answer )
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What is the Greek root 'ent-' in English?

Inner or within is the English equivalent of the Greek root 'ent-'. An example of an English derivative of 'ent-' is 'entoblast', which derives from the prefix 'ent-', and ( Full Answer )
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Who is jinc ent?

Jinc Ent (Jinc Entertainment) is a group of boy singers. Basicallya jerking group. 1.Ceejay 2.Frank 3.Mike Almighty 4.Spank 5.Nifty 1,2,4 were formerly the group "Go, Go Powe ( Full Answer )
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How are in jinc ent?

i think that they are doing just tjey are going good and i know i like them and all my friends do so i dont know if its just me or not i think they are doing just fine and i k ( Full Answer )
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Who are The So Icey Ent members?

CEO Debra Antney (Waka Flocka's MOM) ------------------------------------ Artist Gucci Mane Waka Flocka Flame Wooh da Kidd Frenchie Oj da Juice Suzie 1017 Bric ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ent Music?

Ent Music is the most prolific entertainment company, based out of Virginia. Led by their CEO(LueQue Lil"Q" Slaughter),who you probably already know from his hit single entitl ( Full Answer )
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What degree does an ENT need?

To be an ENT doctor, also known as an otolaryngologist, a medicaldegree from an accredited medical school such as a Doctor ofOsteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree, Doctor of Medi ( Full Answer )
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Does nitrogen have an effect on the envirom ent?

Excess presence of nitrogen effects Water and Air quality, which is a great concern to the environment.Nitrogen in the soil converted to nitrate(No 3 ) and it is highly mobile ( Full Answer )
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How is the hottest guy from jinc ent?

Well Mike is 4 me hes so funny and cute but a lot of girls would say Frank and he is Very cute. Also Spank he has the bombest eyes. Nifty's so Fine but hes to old ha hes 19. C ( Full Answer )
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What words end with -ent?

abandonment . abolishment . entertainment . absent . absorbent . accent . accident . adjacent . adjustment . accomplishment . accompaniment . advertisement . amaze ( Full Answer )
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What does the medical abbreviation ENT mean?

It's actually ENT, which stands for Ear, Nose and Throat. The other term for that type of physician is Otolaryngologist. Ears, nose, and throat. Ear, nose, and throat doctor. ( Full Answer )
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Did jinc ent break up?

I believe so , there youtube account is cancelled Yesss They Broke Up in 2010.
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Do Ents get morning wood?

Oh no! They never do, they learned the secret of fairy dust for reproduction purposes, a very long time ago. As every time they grew a horizontal branch, the hobbits built a r ( Full Answer )
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Who do the ents in the Lord of the Rings represent?

Nobody. Nothing represents anything in LotR. As Tolkin himself said, "As for any inner meaning or 'message', it has in the intention of the author none. It is neither allegori ( Full Answer )
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When to use ent or ant suffixes?

The suffixes -ent and -ant are used to turn verbs into adjectivesor nouns. Some examples are defendant, contestant, ancient,efficient, and adolescent.
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How do you become ENT?

On Otolaryngologist or sometimes Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) is a physician. 4 or more years of college, in a degree program heavy on the sciences, often pre-med. MCAT T ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun for anything ending in ent?

Examples of nouns ending in -ent: . accident . adolescent . advertisement . agreement . argument . basement . cement . cent . client . comment . consent ( Full Answer )
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What does the root word ent mean?

ent isn't a root word. -ent is a suffix that means something that performs the action of.
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What was noteworthy about the Lippisch Ente?

The Lippisch Ente was the first rocket-powered full-size aircraft. The Lippisch Ente was designed by Alexander Lippisch. The aircraft was first flown on June 11, 1928 and was ( Full Answer )