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Are Ents trees?

Yes and no. Ents began as trees... The first one existed when some of the first Elves to be in Middle Earth desired to bring life to everything sang some song and brought so (MORE)
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What are some examples of suffix -ent?

Absorbent Different President Resident Contentment Repellent Delightment Placement Replacement Assortment Patient Government Element
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Can you catch ente in Pokemon Diamond?

One cannot catch the Entei in Pokemon Diamond. The only way to getEntei is to use a GameShark code or to hack the game.
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How do you get ente in Pokemon LeafGreen?

well at the start of the game you have to pick squitle and after yo beat the elite four look for him in the grass
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Where are Ents on Lord of the Rings Conquest?

They are trees that can walk, talk and do other stuff. The elves made them able to speak. They go and crush Isengard and are much stronger than trolls. (even though the trolls (MORE)
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Did RuneScape delete ents?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Answer: Yes.
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Words that end in -ent are?

adjectives . apparent . bent . cent . convent . current . dent . different . lent . parent . present . prevent . rent . scent . sent . solvent . spend . tent (MORE)
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What is the Greek root 'ent-' in English?

Inner or within is the English equivalent of the Greek root 'ent-'. An example of an English derivative of 'ent-' is 'entoblast', which derives from the prefix 'ent-', and (MORE)
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What words end with -ent?

abandonment . abolishment . entertainment . absent . absorbent . accent . accident . adjacent . adjustment . accomplishment . accompaniment . advertisement . amaze (MORE)
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Where do the Ents live?

Mainly they live in Fangorn Forest.
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Do Ents get wood?

Depends.....dont ask on what though
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Do Ents get morning wood?

Oh no! They never do, they learned the secret of fairy dust for reproduction purposes, a very long time ago. As every time they grew a horizontal branch, the hobbits built a r (MORE)
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Who do the ents in the Lord of the Rings represent?

Nobody. Nothing represents anything in LotR. As Tolkin himself said, "As for any inner meaning or 'message', it has in the intention of the author none. It is neither allegori (MORE)
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What was noteworthy about the Lippisch Ente?

The Lippisch Ente was the first rocket-powered full-size aircraft. The Lippisch Ente was designed by Alexander Lippisch. The aircraft was first flown on June 11, 1928 and was (MORE)