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What is entrainer?

An additive that forms an azeotrope with one component of a liquid mixture to aid in otherwise.
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What is entrainment?

In chronobiology, entrainment of a circadian system is the alignment of its own period and phase to the period and phase of an external rhythm. A common example is the entrain ( Full Answer )
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Opinions on brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is actually base on observation and scientific research. When I listen to one of my CDs that use this technology I not only feel very relaxed, but if I l ( Full Answer )
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Does high temperature affect air entrainment on concrete?

Of course it does. One thing can be said about air entrainment everything affects it in concrete. High temperature can lower the effectiveness of air entrainment products. Typ ( Full Answer )
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What is entrainment in the boiler?

There are basically two types of boilers one is the conventional boilers with a drum or shell in which water (obviously well treated water) is heated and as it is heated it pr ( Full Answer )
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Which entrainers can be used in ethanol water separation to obtain fuel grade ethanol?

Benzene or cyclohexane can be used in ethanol-water separation in order to allow distillation of ethanol past the azeotrope point (96.5% ethanol by volume). Of course the benz ( Full Answer )
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What is entrainment in distillation?

Entrainment in Distillation: A phenomenon where small portion of liquor undergoes vaporization which is carried out by vapors as a droplet in a condenser resulting in loss of ( Full Answer )