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What is the definition of entre?

"Entre" is Spanish and French for "between" - so "entre nous" is "between us"."Entre nosotros" is between us in Spanish.
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What is Entr' Acte?

It can mean a pause between two parts of a stage production, synonymous to an intermission , but it more often indicates a piece of music performed between acts of a theatric (MORE)
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How do you spell entre?

The English word meaning "the principal dish of a meal" is spelt entrée.
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What is 'Juste entre nous' in English?

Just between us is an English equivalent of 'juste entre nous' . The adverb 'juste' means 'just, only'. The preposition ' entre' means 'between, among'. The personal pron (MORE)
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Where on meez do you entre the codes?

Look at the top of the page in the right corner, and click on the tab that says "My Account". Then there should be a box on the right that says something like "Enter Code".
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What is an entre peneur?

you mean Entrepreneur - the owner or manager of a business enterprise, who by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits
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What is entre port?

Its a transhipment port e.g. Singapore, Shangai, HongKong, Rotterdam, Hamburg etc.
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What is 'entre' when translated from French to English?

" Between " and " Come in! " are twoEnglish equivalents of the French word entre . Specifically, the word functions as a preposition or as the presentimperative in the secon (MORE)
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Can you spell entre with one e?

The word entre in French means "between." The word entrée in French means "entry." As the English word entree , it means the main course or main dish of a meal.
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Where is Entre Computer Solutions located?

The main branch of Entre Computer Solutions is located in Machesney Park, IL, which is in the Rockford area. There are also branches in Normal, IL and Benoit, WI.