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Side effects when using epi-pen in error?

Yes, about EpiPen side effects you might find the answers in this link: I stumbled upon this answer and (MORE)
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Who's the inventor of the Epi-pen?

The invented of the EpiPen was Sheldon Kaplan. It was derived fromthe ComboPen used for military treatment when they were exposed tonerve agents. The EpiPen wasn't available t (MORE)
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What is an epi-pen?

An EpiPen is a medication called epinephrine in a small pen like cylinder. When pressed against your body (usually your leg) a small needle shoots out and injects the medicine (MORE)
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Is the ibanez rge1 a good guitar for a beginer- 299.00 are the pickups good tuners ok solid guitar- Used Epi Les Paul standard Better Overall Guitar or Fender Fat Strat 300-500 range?

your best bet for a starting guitar would either be a Yamaha Pacific or a top of the range Ashton this is mainly because they are good guitars that will last you through you (MORE)
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Eastbound and down epis ode 1 music?

The song that plays as Kenny drives home after getting his substitute teaching license is "Going Down" by Freddie King
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What country did the epie of gilgimast take place?

The Epic of Gilgamesh is an ancient Mesoptamian poem which is believed to be based on Sumerian legends. The action takes place in and around the Sumerian city of Uruk.
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What medicine is in an epi-pen?

Epinephrine- its an artificial adrenaline that raises your blood pressure to counter-act the drop in blood pressure that an allergic reaction causes.
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How long does 2a-epi methylol stay in your system?

it depends on the steroid u abused my lil junkie friend....some can last upto 18 is some good news there is a product called steroid cleanse tat can clear steroid (MORE)
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Will an expired epi-pen still work?

It is never a good idea to trust the usefulness of an out of date medicine but for the most part medicines are still majorly effective after the expectation date for several y (MORE)
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How does the epi-pen improve the quality of your life?

Epi-Pens are used only in emergency anaphylactic shock, and therefore do not necessarily improve quality of life. For example, portable oxygen tanks improve quality of life fo (MORE)
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What is epi-logue?

A random advertizement or comertial
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What movie and television projects has Epy Kusnandar been in?

Epy Kusnandar has: Played Sapari in "Maskot" in 2006. Played Dadang in "Suami-suami takut istri" in 2007. Performed in "Si jago merah" in 2008. Played Dadang in "Suami-suami t (MORE)