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What is epi leather?

epi leather... as in short for epithilials..... epithilials in DNA>..... no two are the same.... am i right??. correct me if im wrong. epi leather... as in short for epithi ( Full Answer )
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What is epi leather made of?

Louis Vuitton has been using natural cowhide to enhance andstrengthen it's travel bags since it's earliest days in Paris inthe mid 1800's. In 1985, when Louis Vuitton introduc ( Full Answer )
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What does EPI stand for?

Some of the things that EPI stands for are Energy Per Instruction,Employment Polices Institute, and Extraordinary Pay Increase.Extreme Physical Information is another meaning ( Full Answer )
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Who's the inventor of the Epi-pen?

The invented of the EpiPen was Sheldon Kaplan. It was derived fromthe ComboPen used for military treatment when they were exposed tonerve agents. The EpiPen wasn't available t ( Full Answer )
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How good is epi wood?

This is the best wood mother nature makes. when used in outdoor applications, like decks, it last up to 100 years. It's 8 times harder than redwood. It's resistant to fire, it ( Full Answer )
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What are some words that begin with the prefix epi?

epitaph-an inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried there. epic-of,relating to,or having the characteristics of an epic. epicenter-the part of the earths surface ( Full Answer )
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What is an epi-pen?

An EpiPen is a medication called epinephrine in a small pen like cylinder. When pressed against your body (usually your leg) a small needle shoots out and injects the medicine ( Full Answer )
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In which epi does Koga and Ayame meet?

The lunar rainbow promise, or something to that affect/effect. The episode when Koga first meet Ayame is episode 83 and i think they are in 102 and 93( i don't want u to check ( Full Answer )
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What are some words that start with epi?

Epitaph, epicenter, epidemic, epidemiology Several meanings: On, above and in addition (online dictionary) Note the directionalreference. Greek origin-near, upon
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Who is epi the trolley?

Epi the trolley is a trolley that was at a camp I went to. The teachers had to go 2 blocks away to get us all pizza. There were about 50 pizza boxes in the trolley. The trolle ( Full Answer )
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Can you carry an Epi Pin in carry on an airplane?

Yes - as long as you have a letter from your doctor or even better, from your treating specialist, stating that it is essential for you to have it in your possession at all ti ( Full Answer )
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Words that start with the prefix epi?

There are 567 words beginning in "epi" in Webster's Second International. In the 2of12 dictionary, which contains common words, you get these: grep ^epi /usr/share/dict/2of ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the root epi?

This root comes from the Greek language, and it means "upon." SomeEnglish words with epi- are epicenter, epidermis, epitaph,and epitome.
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Epi is a slang term for what?

Epi Pen, a needle that has a histamine blocker to stop severe allergic reactions to things such as nuts and bee stings.
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How young can you administer an epi pen?

There is a children's version of the Epi Pen called Epi Pen Junior, which can be used on a child as young as eight, but it should be administered by an adult. Older children s ( Full Answer )
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Where could you buy and epi pen?

An Epi Pen is a prescribed medication of epinepherine. If not used for the appropriate condition, it can cause damaging affects and possibly kill a person. Your doctor would d ( Full Answer )
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Does it hurt to use an epi pen?

When you jab the Epi Pen through your leg it hurts a lot but it goes away quickly then you hold it there for ten seconds and then remove it but you put the Epi Pen through you ( Full Answer )
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When should you use an epi pen?

The epi-pen was created to delay anaphylactic shock among people with severe allergies. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock, also known as anaphylaxis, include the severe constrict ( Full Answer )
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What country did the epie of gilgimast take place?

The Epic of Gilgamesh is an ancient Mesoptamian poem which is believed to be based on Sumerian legends. The action takes place in and around the Sumerian city of Uruk.
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Why does the epi pen go in the thigh?

The Epi Pen can also go into your deltoid muscle (the largest muscle part of your arm) because an Epi Pen is an IM (Intra-muscular) injection. On the lateral portion of your t ( Full Answer )
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What medicine is in an epi-pen?

Epinephrine- its an artificial adrenaline that raises your blood pressure to counter-act the drop in blood pressure that an allergic reaction causes.
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How do they get the stuff that is in an epi pen?

In an Epi Pen, there is epinepherine, hence the name "Epi". Epinepherine is a naturally made hormone in everyone that affects neurotransmitters in your body. Because it is nat ( Full Answer )
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What does epi stand for in the word epidemic?

In epidemics epi- stands for /about the people/ Epidemy of a particular portion (area) of people. But to understand "EPI" well read the following: epi [-dē′mē ( Full Answer )
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When should you inject a person with an epi pen?

The Epi pen is for people who have severe allergies, it is to be used when they are having a severe allergic reaction to prevent shock.
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How does epi pen make you feel?

It makes your heart rate and blood pressure go up, make you feel shaky, and can give you a headache afterwards. But it will help with the allergic reaction.
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Does an epi pen hurt?

when you get an epi pen you jab it through your leg and it hurts so much as hell but it goes away hold it there for ten seconds but the doctor will show you how and then when ( Full Answer )
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Will an expired epi-pen still work?

It is never a good idea to trust the usefulness of an out of date medicine but for the most part medicines are still majorly effective after the expectation date for several y ( Full Answer )
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What is value of Epi D-16 Ser6901594?

Epi D-16 has solid spruce top. The sides and the back are solid rosewood. This Norlin Epi is the cream of their acoustic line. $500 - $600 is a fair price for a good one.
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Can you use an epi pen for seizures?

Epinephrine will NOT help to stop seizures, epinephrine autoinjectors are strictly meant for anaphylaxis. If the person experiences a seizure while having an anaphylactic resp ( Full Answer )
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What does the medical abbreviation with epi mean?

"With epi" means with epinephrine. It's used most often when referring to lidocaine, which can be bottled with or without epinephrine.
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Why do you need an epi pen?

An epi pen delivers an emergency dose of epinephrine to counteract anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions). Anaphylaxis causes your airway to close up and your veins to dilat ( Full Answer )
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What is contained in a epi pen?

An epi pen contains a liquid form of epinephrine. This chemical is commonly used to treat the emergent signs of allergies to insect bites, such as bee stings. It is delivered ( Full Answer )
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What is the medical prefix for epi mean?

Epi-: Prefix taken from the Greek that means "on, upon, at, by,near, over, on top of, toward, against, among." As in epicanthal afold of skin that comes down.