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What is epi leather?

epi leather... as in short for epithilials..... epithilials in DNA>..... no two are the same.... am i right??. correct me if im wrong. epi leather... as in short for epithi (MORE)
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What is epi leather made of?

Louis Vuitton has been using natural cowhide to enhance andstrengthen it's travel bags since it's earliest days in Paris inthe mid 1800's. In 1985, when Louis Vuitton introduc (MORE)

What does EPI stand for?

Some of the things that EPI stands for are Energy Per Instruction,Employment Polices Institute, and Extraordinary Pay Increase.Extreme Physical Information is another meaning (MORE)

What is an epi-pen?

An EpiPen is a medication called epinephrine in a small pen like cylinder. When pressed against your body (usually your leg) a small needle shoots out and injects the medicine (MORE)

Who is epi the trolley?

Epi the trolley is a trolley that was at a camp I went to. The teachers had to go 2 blocks away to get us all pizza. There were about 50 pizza boxes in the trolley. The trolle (MORE)

Where could you buy and epi pen?

An Epi Pen is a prescribed medication of epinepherine. If not used for the appropriate condition, it can cause damaging affects and possibly kill a person. Your doctor would d (MORE)

How do they get the stuff that is in an epi pen?

In an Epi Pen, there is epinepherine, hence the name "Epi". Epinepherine is a naturally made hormone in everyone that affects neurotransmitters in your body. Because it is nat (MORE)

Does an epi pen hurt?

when you get an epi pen you jab it through your leg and it hurts so much as hell but it goes away hold it there for ten seconds but the doctor will show you how and then when (MORE)