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What is ERA?

ERA is Earned Run Average.. An earned run is a run that is scored by a batter that reached base while a pitcher was on the mound, so long as the batter did not reach base on ( Full Answer )
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What era was after the Victorian era?

The Edwardian era followed the Victorian era and it was during the rule of King Edward Vii. He ruled between 1901-1910. The Titanic movie can help provide an understanding of ( Full Answer )
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What order are the eras in?

The geologic time scale refers to measuring the layers of theearth's crust according to what time in history they refer to. Inorder, the eras from the Precambrian to the prese ( Full Answer )
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When was the paleozioc era?

It was in between about 590 and 248 million years ago and it lasted about 342 million years.
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What is the Paleolithic era?

Of or relating to the cultural period of the Stone Age beginning with the earliest chipped stone tools, about 750,000 years ago, until the beginning of the Mesolithic Period, ( Full Answer )
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What were the eras of Japan?

answer: . Periods of Japanese history are classified by shoguns :. Shogunate: (names and dates refer to families) . Minamoto family and their successors with their capito ( Full Answer )
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What is the Gothic Era?

Gothic era is divided into three periods: . Early English Gothic (1189 - 1272) . Decorated Gothic (1272 - 1377) . Perpendicular Gothic (1377 - 1547) Each has distinc ( Full Answer )
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What is the Motown era?

Generally the years from the mid sixties to the mid seventies when the Motown label was at its peak
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What is a era in baseball?

The ERA in baseball stands for Earned Run Average which is the average amount of runs given up by a pitcher per game. For example a 1.98 ERA is amazing but a 6.10 ERA is terri ( Full Answer )
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What was the Edwardian Era?

The Edwardian Era was the period of time when King Edward VII ruled the UK from 1901 to 1910.
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When was the eames era?

Generally, the Eames era is between 1950 and 1960. Although Charles and Ray Eames designed before and after this time period, this was their heyday.
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What era followed the edwardian era?

In terms of music or discoveries, it is the modern era. It is also called pre war, inter war then post war Britain.
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What is a era?

eras are geologic time intervals; based on the sequence of rock strata and the different life forms. Mesozoic era: 225 to 65 million years ago
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What era came after the Palezoic era?

After Palezoic era (251-542 Million years ago), came Mesozoic era (65.5-251 Million years ago). The Mesozoic era is subdivided into 3: Triassic Period (199.6-251 mya) Jurassic ( Full Answer )
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What was the era prior to the colonial era?

The Colonial Era started with the first European Colonists to theAmericas. Before that time there was very little contact betweenEurope and the Americas. The American continen ( Full Answer )
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What was the era after the Stuart era?

The Georgian era. When Anne (ruled 1702-1714) died, The throne was passed to George I (despite the fact Anne didn't like him, and she banned George and his family from enteri ( Full Answer )
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Is the preCambrian era an era?

The Precambrian is the informal time before the Cambrian Period. It is informally called a Super-Eon and certainly not a geological Era. Geological time intervals from l ( Full Answer )
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In what era was Hitler?

Führer of Germany. In office 2 August 1934 - 30 April 1945 Chancellor of Nazi Germany. In office 30 January 1933 - 30 April 1945 Born . 20 April 1889 Brau ( Full Answer )
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What era is the oldest era?

The oldest named Era was the Eoarchean Era from 4 to 3.6 billion years ago. This was preceeded by the Hadean Eon (4,576.2 to 4,000 Ma) but this so far is not subdivided int ( Full Answer )
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When was the era of gladiators?

The gladiators were active in Rome from 264 BC to well into the 400's AD. Although eventually banned in Rome, the combats continued in the provinces until they faded from hist ( Full Answer )
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When was the modernism era?

The modernism era refers to the modernist movement in the arts. This was around the late 19th and early 20th century.
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When was the Windsor era?

During World War I the name of the British Royal family (more correctly the name of the Royal House) was changed from Saxe-Coburg Gotha to Windsor, because of anti-German sent ( Full Answer )
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What is the entrepreneurship era?

an entrepreneur is "a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit." Written by shaikh
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What is the Hindu era?

Hindus use many calenders, solar, lunar, and luni-solar. Different regions have different calenders. Indian Calender Reforms Committee found more than 30 well-developed calend ( Full Answer )
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What is an era or period?

They are divisions of geologic time, based largely on the fossil record of organisms. Eras are longer subdivisions of time which are further subdivided into periods and epochs ( Full Answer )
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What is the sound era?

Early movies, known as silent films, did not have sound, they consisted only of moving pictures. When movies began to be made with sound, the art of the motion picture entered ( Full Answer )
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What is Gandhi Era?

Answer: The Gandhian Era represented a special time in Indian history when Gandhi was preaching for freedom and all of India was behind him in support....
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What is a current era?

As far as I'm aware we are in the 'digital age' the last was the 'atomic age'. In the geological time scale we are currently in the Cenozoic era which dates from 65.5 milli ( Full Answer )
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Which is the oldest era saka era or vikrama era?

The Vikrama Era is the earlier /oldest of the two. The Vikrama Era began about 56 BC, whereas the Saka Era started about 78 AD, roughly 135 years after the Vikrama Era. P ( Full Answer )
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What era is called era of creepers?

Mesozoic era is called the era of creepers.In this era there are three periods viz Triassic,Jurassic and carboniferous. It is found that in Triassic era, reptiles were evolved ( Full Answer )
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What is an era-?

An era is defined as a period of time that is marked by events, changes on earth, and character.