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How you can search for an ergative verb or what are the ergative verbs?

Probably the most commonly described division of verbs is into the classes of transitive and intransitive verbs. Transitive verbs take an object ('buy' is transitive: we say (MORE)
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What are ergs?

An erg can be a unit of energy or a sand dune.
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What does erges mean?

If you mean erg in Geography, it means that a desert is sandy. Some deserts are stony which is called reg. Others are sandy and this is called erg. Barren rock deserts are cal (MORE)
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What is a good erging time in a 2000 meter race?

Well there is many factors put into this question. It depends on how much experience and strength you have or if your female or male etc. If your a beginner probably around a (MORE)
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1 dyne is equal to how many ergs?

A dyne is a unit of force and an erg is a unit of energy. Since they are units of different things they can't be compared as you ask.
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How many ergs are there in 1 joule?

There are 10 million ergs in 1 joule. The erg is the unit of work done - or energy expended - in the centimeter-gram-second (CGS) system of measurement. An erg is equal t (MORE)
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Are your splits faster on sliders than on stationary ergs?

Generally yes. The reason for this is the recovery - whereas with stationary ergs you have to move the entirety of your body weight back and forth, on sliders it's only the er (MORE)
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How many ergs are these in 1 gram weight?

None. An erg is a measure of energy while a gram weight is a measure of force. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, c (MORE)
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What did Jesus erge his followers to do in the golden rules?

When the 'Golden Rule' is ascribed to the teachings of Jesus, the source comes from the Old Testament, or Law of Moses, as found in Leviticus. Leviticus 19:18 "You shall (MORE)
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What does 'erg' mean in Dutch?

'erg' is Dutch for 'severe', 'bad', 'really', 'very' etc. The meaning and translation depends on the sentence you'll use it for.
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What are some interesting facts about ergs?

Ergs are a type of bird, I am guessing. I really hope someone cananswer this, because there seems to be no other explanation on anyother Google Sites.