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What does Cogito Ergo Sum mean?

Literally, "I think therefore I am". It is a philosophical statement that means a person or object that can think must exist in order to be able to do so, but that they cannot (MORE)
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Word that includes the letters ergo?

Ergo is, of course, a word in its own right.. Other possible words including these letters are gore and ogre . Another possibility is the word goer (defined as one who, (MORE)
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What is LEGO ergo sum mean?

The saying is making fun of René Descartes, who is famous for the paraphrased, "Cogito Ergo Sum" meaning "I think therefore I am." Lego can mean many things: legō, le (MORE)
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Who says ergo in The Lightning Thief?

The guy in LA at the water bed shop says "ergo" and while someone is on a water bed, ropes bind their legs and their arms and stretch them to "fit" the beds. If they're too lo (MORE)
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What is ''Tantum Ergo'' in English?

Latin Hymn: Tantum ergo, Sacramentum, veneremur Literal: So much, therefore, let us venerate the sacrament
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What does ergo mean?

Ergo means therefore or consequently. Example sentence: The fisher caught 14 fish. Ergo, the fisher had enough food for the whole week. Ergo means "therefore" or "consequentl (MORE)
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What does Pando ergo sum mean?

Pando ergo sum is Latin for "I bend, therefore I am." ( Pando can also mean "I spread out; I extend", but in this meaning it requires a direct object.)
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Is the word ergo common in conversation?

No. It is an import into the English language from Latin and is - nowadays - confined to mathematical or philosophical discussions.
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What is the weight of the Ergo Baby Carrier?

The Ergo baby carrier weighs a little over 2 pounds and can hold up to 40 pounds of baby weight. These make perfect baby carriers for those parents that like to hike or even j (MORE)