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What is the correct spelling of 'Erin Go Braugh' and what does it mean?

Erin Go Braugh?Bragh? Dia duit. That's "hello" in Irish. The correct spelling is 'ERIN GO BRAGH' and it simply means ' IRELAND FOREVER.' Slan(goodbye) . "Erin go (MORE)
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When did the term 'Erin Go Braugh' originate?

The first thing you need to understand is the trinity of sisters known as albana,banba and of course Erin. The original term of this statement was banba go brea banba being on (MORE)
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What does 'Erin go deo' mean?

It should be Éire go deo or Éirinn go deo. Ireland forever. Usually translated as "Éirinn go brách'.
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What does 'Erin go braugh' mean?

Erin go bragh is an English phonetic spelling of Éirinn go brách , which in Irish means"Ireland forever." It is an Irish expression of allegiance to Ireland.
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How tall is Erine Johnson of TNT?

Ernie Johnson is about 6'4". Ernie hosts Inside the NBA and is atelevision host for Major League Baseball on TBS.
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What does 'Erin go braughless' mean?

A play on words that stems from the Irish phrase Erin Go Bragh, or "Ireland Forever" The last word "Bragh" is pronounced the same as the world "bra"
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Are Erine Ball strings good for Metal Music?

Not unless they are part of a special custom series. good string for metal are usually Elixer's. I have Elixer NanoWebs on my Epiphone SG, and ESP Eclipse and i get amazing (MORE)
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Irish meaning of 'Erin Go Braugh'?

Phonetic spelling in English of the Irish Gaelic "Éirinn go brách" meaning "Ireland Forever".
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Who are erins best friends?

erins best friends are... . KiiStEN LyNn . CaRLy DanIelLe . NiiCOle BiLLinGs . SaRaH JEannE . SaDiiE JEaNne . ReAgaN NiiCoLe . KyliiE ShElBy-QuiiN
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Sign of the moon-Erin hunter?

Book 4 in Omen of the Stars, coming out April 5th, 2011. Book 5 will be the Forgotten Warrior, release date unknown.
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What is the response to 'Erin go braugh'?

I don't know of any set response to the phrase. It's an Irish phrase ( Éirinn go brách ) written in phonetic English meaning "Ireland forever".
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Did the Erins say Hollyleaf was evil?

She wasn't really evil, she was just angry at Leafpool for breaking the Warrior code and that she and Squirrelflight never told her the truth.
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Will the Erins make another series?

If you mean another series of warriors, then yes. If you are talking about another series entirely, then it's possible but the Erins haven't confirmed anything yet.
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What is the Irish for 'Erin'?

The female name "Erin" is spelled the same in Irish; "Erin Murphy" would be "Erin Ní Mhurchú" .