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Who is Erin Hunter?

Erin Hunter is the author of the Warriors series and the new Seekers series. But she is actually three people! Their names are Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, and Victoria Holmes!
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What rhymes with Erin?

'carin, swear in, share in, there are a few! like... carin' sharin' darin' tearin' Heron, caring and more........
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Erin is what?

The Irish word for Ireland derived from Eirann to Eirinn.
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Who is Erin Prizzey?

Erin PIZZEY, was born February 19, 1939, in China. She left with her family to live in the Middle East until 1946 when she moved to England. In 1971, Erin Pizzey opened her (MORE)
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Nicknames for Erin?

You can choose like, Er-bear (airbear) Ern, E, nire, Ery (ariy), Or just mix up the name with their middle name to. So yeah. Hopes this help a little bit.
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Who is Erin sproule?

Erin Sproule is my soon to be Brother in Law... he is a little weird, and likes square hair cuts... think Kid and Play. He thinks he is "Pretty Cool" The End
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What does the name Erin?

Do you mean 'What does then mane Erin mean?' Then the answer is: Erin is taken from the Gaelic Eirinn, meaning "of Eire" - Eire being the Irish name for Ireland. Erin was use (MORE)
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How do you spell Erin?

Its easy!!!! Erin!!! You got it right except why did u ask if ou already new it???
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Is Erin human?

no she is a green and purple alian from planet uranus
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What grade is Erin in?

It depends on which Erin you're talking about.
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Is there a saint Erin?

no fgt. ----------. No... there were twelve apostles of Erin... no saint Erin . Twelve holy Irishmen of the sixth century who studied at Clonard in Neath at the school fou (MORE)
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Is Erin a school?

I have a friend named Erin School.
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Who is Erin Brady?

Steven Tyler's girlfriend. They met when Aerosmith did their live DVD "You Gotta Move"
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Who is Erin Simpson?

Erin Simpson is a bubbley kind girl tat haves her own tv show :)
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Who is Erin Grace?

Its actaually Erin hunter, If you would like to find out more-go to
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Is there an Erin in The Bible?

Yes, there is an Erin in the Bible. She was either a Saint or an Angel , im not quite sure which one though. Erin is also in the Irish Bible due to the fact that Erin Go (MORE)
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Who is Erin Wiedner?

Erin Wiedner is an independent filmmaker.
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Who is Erin Williams?

Erin Williams is a nice young girl who has friends and is smart and she also likes art. i love erins eyes, they sparkle like the ocean on a warm summers evening. She is so bea (MORE)
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What is the Irish for 'Erin'?

The female name "Erin" is spelled the same in Irish; "Erin Murphy" would be "Erin Ní Mhurchú" .
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Who is Erin Dumville?

Erin Dumville is a ten year old girl from Riverview,New Brunswick,Canada.Tummy pains brought her to the IWK health center when she was two.The nurses told her parents that s (MORE)
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Who is Erin Quinn?

Erin Quinn is actually called Garth and smells of Chicken. She likes mowing the lawn and is from Egypt. :P
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Who was Erin in The Bible?

As a probable Irish variant of Aaron - then yes it appears in Exodus 4:14 and many other Scripture.