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What is an estate?

Many people think an estate only has something to do with the death of a person. But your estate is the sum and total of everything you own at any given point in your life, fr (MORE)
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What is a life estate?

It is the right to own or possess a property for the rest of the life of the person having the life estate. When that life is over, someone else will own or possess the proper (MORE)
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How do you probate an estate?

Answer . The answer will depend upon the laws where the person lived (or owned property) and the circumstances of the estate. There are volumes written to assist executor (MORE)
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Can the executor of an estate set the price of the real estate of the estate?

In New York an Executor can set the price of the real estate of the estate. However the price should be close or at the market value. Oftentimes in New York an Executor must h (MORE)
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What was the Estates-General?

A general assembly that represented French Estates - Clergy (first estate), Nobility (second estate), and commoners (third estate). Clergy and Nobility were quite powerful, wh (MORE)
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What if deceased has no estate?

It is totally okay if the deceased love one has no estate. Thismeans that you don't have to sell it.
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How do you reopen an estate?

This varies state to state depending on how formal each one handles its estate procedure. It could also vary depending on the reason for the reopening. In New Jersey, estates (MORE)
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What are the Three Estates?

The three estates were the clergy , nobility and the peasants/trades people, etc. Clergy - was the largest owner of the land - clergy was exempt from paying taxes to the sta (MORE)
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What is considered estate?

An estate includes everything that a living person owns - from physical possessions to financial accounts. Everything from clothes, jewelry, art, vehicles, antiques, homes, la (MORE)
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What is a living estate?

Although we tend to think of an estate as being all the property owned by a person at the time of their death, a living estate is all the property owned by a living person. (MORE)
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Small estate is there estate taxes no will?

If there is an estate, there are tax forms to be submitted. They may not result in any estate taxes, but they have to be filled out and sent in. That is one of the responsibil (MORE)
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What is estatic?

Ecstatic is a feeling of happiness and joyfulness and its spelt like this: E C S T A T I C!
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What estates comprised the Estates-General?

The estates that comprised in the Estates-General were arepresentation of the French estates. They were divided into clergyas the first estate, nobility was the second and the (MORE)
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Estate tax - what is it?

U.S. Estate Tax Return, Form 706, must be filed for every U.S. citizen or resident decedent whose gross estate exceeds $3.5 million (raised from $2 million in 2008). The top e (MORE)
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What is the deceaseds estate?

my cousin passed away in feb. 2012 and i need to know if his home and car are part of his estate? neither one of them are paid off. we have alot of medical bills and i have ca (MORE)
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Who is the owner of an estate?

An estate can be two things: all the property a living person owns and all the property a person owns at the time of their death . Once a decedent's estate has been probate (MORE)
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What was the thrid estate?

The third estate was the backbone for the country. Basically, they starved while the 1st, & 2nd estate were wrench in wine, food, as well as money because all taxes were mos (MORE)
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What is a closed estate?

A closed estate would be one where the probate processs has beencompleted and the assets have been distributed.
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Can the administrator of an estate sue the estate?

You would need to provide an example of an issue the administrator would have with the "estate". The administrator of an estate is the person appointed by the court to represe (MORE)
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What is estatement?

e-statement stands for an electronic statement. Most banks usually send a hard-copy (paper) statement of the list of transactions in your bank account every month or every qua (MORE)
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Is real estate and estate the same?

No. Real estate refers to land and anything permanently attached toit. Estate refers to all the property a person owns or all theproperty, both real and personal, owned by a (MORE)
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How do you return a life estate to the estate?

To relinquish your rights in a life estate you can execute a release or waiver of rights, in writing, witnessed and notarized, and record it in the land records .