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What is 'EST'?

"EST" est.. . You'll have to be more specific. "Est" is Latin for "is" (it is, he is, she is, 'etc.). EST could also stand for many things, such as Eastern Standard Time, o (MORE)
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When was Canada-est?

Canada-Est was in existence, 1840-1867 . It included the lands of present-day Labrador and Quebec. Residents of the areas were mainly the descendants of French colonists. Pre (MORE)
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What ends in est?

Modest . Dearest . Test . Detest . Arrest
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Is -est an adverb?

No. It is a conjugation of the verb "to be."
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Is est a pronoun?

"est" is a verb form, not a pronoun. In particular it is the third-person present form of the infinitive "être," to be.
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Is will estes gay?

i wish, he's very cute...
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What is 9am EST?

9 in the morning East Coast US-(Eastern Standard)
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How about est?

est mean 'am' or 'is' eg: elle est zoey she is zoey or 'bonjour' est 'good morning' 'bonjour' is 'good morning'
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How old is Will Estes?

Will Estes is 34 years old (birthdate: October 21, 1978).
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What is 1800 est?

By the military tradition, 1800 hours is the same as 6:00 pm, and EST is Eastern Standard Time, the time zone of the eastern coast of the US (New York for example is in that t (MORE)
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How do you spell este?

The spelling este is Spanish for "east" and for "this" (e.g. este año this year). It is also used as a form of "this" in French. Also a form of "to be" ( esté ). (MORE)
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Word with est?

Meekest, highest, longest, widest smallest, oldest & youngestare just seven examples of a HUGE list of words ending in 'est'.