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What is ETS?

Estimated Time of Separation. Its the day you are scheduled toleave Active duty.
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What does ETS stand for?

Answer . \nETS stands for Enhanced Traction System. This is GM's version of Traction Control.
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What does ets mean?

Expiration Term of Service
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Are ETs real?

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Will the army pay for your ets move?

The US Army will pay for you End of Term of Service (ETS) move, however they might only pay for you to go back to your Home of Record address and not a random place or the fur (MORE)
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Are there any ETs out there?

Technically yes and no there are bacteria and other microscopic organisms but no large aliens as of yet.
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What does 'et vous' mean?

"et vous" means "and you" (plural, or formal singular "you").
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What is ETS on les?

Estimated Time of Separation or the time when you are supposed to get out of the military.
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What rhymes with ets?

Rhymes with ets: . Bets . Cabinets . Cadets . Cassettes . Cigarettes . Debts . Duets . Egrets . Forgets . Frets . Gets . Jets . Lets . Mets . Nets . Pets . (MORE)
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What is ETS standard?

hey there, as youve clicked this link it seems you want to know what ets standard is , well if you do thats just too bad because in order to answer the question you have to b (MORE)
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When is ete in France?

Été means 'summer'. That means June, July and August.
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What ets seagrass?

I believe the "dugong" lives on it.