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What does ETS stand for?

Answer . \nETS stands for Enhanced Traction System. This is GM's version of Traction Control.
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Who was Elliott in ET?

Henry Thomas. It was 1982, his second movie. His first was Raggedy Man in 1981, but if you want to see him in a more adult role, try Suicide Kings from 1997.
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Is ET real?

No. It is a movie. There may be extraterrestrials somewhere but to date there is no evidence for them.
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Who was ET?

E.T was actually a puppet, like Yoda, and was voiced by Pat Welsh. Debra Winger provided a temp voice during shooting.
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What is et?

E.T. is a character off of star wars Means Entertainment Television E.T. is a character off of star wars Means Entertainment Television E.T. is a character off of star wars Me (MORE)
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How old is ET?

E.T is 50 years old MINIMBAH STATE SCHOOL MORAYFEILD QLD 4506 MR HEITMANS CLASS jordyn o'neil,alyssa ashman,alyssa Nicholson,tjana knight,elisha makepeace,Megan hewit,ruby I (MORE)
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What is ET short for?

If you mean ET, as in the film and alien, then it means Extra Terrestrial :). COS HES GOT LITTLE LEGS!
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Who was in et?

Dee Wallace. .... Mary. Henry Thomas. .... Elliott. Peter Coyote. .... Keys. Robert MacNaughton. .... Michael. Drew Barrymore. .... Gertie. K.C. Martel. .... (MORE)
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Where is the ET games?

They are buried in a land fill in New Mexico and don't bother looking for them since they are crushed and the land fill is guarded
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Who plays ET in the movie ET?

The part of E.T. in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial was played by...a puppet. Or more accurately, many different puppets. The voice was provided by Pat Welsh, with assistance from (MORE)
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Who was et brantley?

a white dude that quit as a slave owner! By: THE REAL SLIM SHADY! (Magde)
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Where does ET live?

E.T lives in New york u can see him in manhattan! begging for money so he can phone home
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Who is ET?

E.T. is the famous character from the movie E.T. : The Extra Terrestrial . He is an alien from outer space that ends up in the hands of a boy who lies in a rural area, and is (MORE)
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What is et 37?

\nVery slow. ET stands for Elapsed Time, and is normally associated with a drag race of 1/4 mile.
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What is the summary of ET?

Elliot is your normal boy, until one day, when he meets a little lost alien. Elliot decides to keep the alien, in which he gives the name E.T. Elliot works with E.T. in trying (MORE)
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What color is ET?

E.T is a dark skin couler with a bright orange and yellow glow in his tummy
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What is et in English?

The Latin word "et" means "and." In some dialects of English, et means "ate" or "eaten".
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Who is ET Brantley?

A white slave owner who quit slavery and converted to Methodism. He was baptized by Nat Turner.
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Who filmed ET?

The movie E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial was directed by Steven Spielberg The cinematographer, the person who would be credited with filming, was Allen Daviau
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What is et infinitum?

et = and; infinitum = infinty. Thus "and infinity". Though the correct phrases would be: et al (and others). ad infinitum (to infinity) Regards. Cat
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Et-oo or et twa?

e toi- means and you example: comment allez-vous? (how are you) bien merci, e toi? (good thanks, and you?)
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What did ET get nominated for?

E.T.: The Extraterestrial (1982) received nine Oscar nominations: Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Editing, Cinematography, Sound , Score , Visual Effects , Sound Effe (MORE)
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When did et die?

ET did not die. At the end of the movie he went home. Didn't u see the movie?
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Who did the music for ET?

John Williams composed the music for ET he also did numerous other compositions for the movies.
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What rhymes with ets?

Rhymes with ets: . Bets . Cabinets . Cadets . Cassettes . Cigarettes . Debts . Duets . Egrets . Forgets . Frets . Gets . Jets . Lets . Mets . Nets . Pets . (MORE)
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What was et like?

I saw the film at the now partially-defunct ( a rerun house) Loew"s Jersey when it came out- on advice of a friend. the title means Extraterrestrial. the title character is ab (MORE)
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What is ET rated?

The Extra Terrestrial' is rated PG for language & mild thematic elements. It's such a sweet movie, and I hope you enjoy/ed it!
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What are the lyrics to et?

Now, Im not going to write out all the lyrics, but try going on youtube and typing in Katy Perry's ET lyrics. That will help for sure. :)
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Is there a period after et in et al?

No, there is not a period after et , rather, the period is after al. Et al. is Latin for et alli , meaning "and other people."
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What does et mean in the song et?

Katy Perry is tying to say that the guy is not like other guys so in that case she`s calling him a extra terrestrial.It is not a demonic song .
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How do you et snifer?

A sniffer is usually known as a nose. A nose is on everyones face and is used to smell food, plants, and animals. A nose or sniffer can be broken, and can have cosmetic surger (MORE)
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What is ETS standard?

hey there, as youve clicked this link it seems you want to know what ets standard is , well if you do thats just too bad because in order to answer the question you have to b (MORE)
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What does cat et?

Most cats eat commercial cat food, which is made from meat byproducts, though many manufacturers add carbohydrates like rice or wheat to the mix, particularly for dry cat food (MORE)
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Where does ET come From?

In William Kotzwinkle's book-sequel "E.T. : The Book of the GreenPlanet" it's Brodo Asogi . Within the film E.T.'shome planet is not referenced .
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Where is ET from?

It is never established in the film but the author of the film'snovelization, William Kotzwinkle wrote in the sequel novel, E.T. The Book of the Green Planet , that E.T.'s (MORE)