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What is eta?

ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) is an armed Basque separatist group. Eta (Η, η), is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet Dedekind eta function (Math), a complex function ( Full Answer )
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Has eta canarie exsploded?

Eta Carinae, a highly variable star about 7500 light years from Earth, is an enormous star and has apparently "pulsed" several times in the past. In 1843, it was the second br ( Full Answer )
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When will eta carinae go supernova?

An excellent question, but without a good answer. Eta Carina is one of the most massive stars that we know of (yet), with a mass upwards of 100 solar masses. Very massive st ( Full Answer )
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How far is Eta Carinae?

Eta Carinae is a stellar system in the constellation Carina. It is approximately 7,500 -> 8,000 light years from us.
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What type of star is Eta Carinae?

Eta Carinae is a luminous blue variable (LBV) variable star. It is at least a binary system. One day, it is expected to explode as a supernova - possibly in our lifetime.
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What region are ETA from?

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna or ETA, is an armed Basque nationalist and separatist organization. Founded in 1959, it evolved from a group advocating traditional cultural ways to a pa ( Full Answer )
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What is the the Greek letter eta?

eta is the greek letter H, η - pronounced : ητα (in the greek alphabet) one of the three similar 'e's : η, ι, ει - all of them heard as 'e'
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What does ETA mean in Spanish?

ETA is not Spanish. It is an acronymn for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna which is "Homeland and Freedom" is the Basque language.
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What is 'eta' in Italian?

Epoca is an Italian equivalent of 'eta'. Both words are feminine gender nouns that take as their definite articles 'la' ['the'], and as their indefinite articles 'una' ['a, o ( Full Answer )
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What is the mass of eta carinae?

Eta Carinae is a stellar system in the constellation Carina. It has a mass of about 100 -> 150 Suns. [See related question]
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What do Maskrats eta?

Muskrats are herbivores. They eat different kinds of plants such as: cattail, pickerelweed, bulrush, smart weed and many others. They also eat crops such as corn and anything ( Full Answer )
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What is the surface temperature of eta piscium?

The surface temperature of Eta Piscium, the constellation Pisces' brightest star, is about 4930 Kelvin, or just a bit under 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.
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What is ETA in torrent download?

It means the estimated time to finish. if there's no ETA for a torrent, it means that the torrent is not downloading. Hope it helps you.
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What is download ETA?

ETA time is the time for the download to complete. It stands for Estimated Time ***** [ I can't recall the last word] It is sometimes non accurate too. you can get an ave ( Full Answer )
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Who were the eta and hinin?

The eta were people (almost outcasts) who had a job that was cimsidered unreligious as in a bucher or tanner, they could only marry other etas and their status was hereditary. ( Full Answer )
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How big is Eta Carinae?

Eta Carinae is actually a star system comprising of at least two massive stars. . Eta Carinae A: Has a diameter about 3.3 x 10 9 Km (If replaced with the Sun it would ex ( Full Answer )
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What is the ETA on PSN being back online?

Right now at 5PM EST April 23 2011 it is still down. When information is available the related question will be updated and include links to the source
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What color is Eta Scorpii?

Eta Scorpii is a star in the constellation Scorpius. It has a spectral type of F3 and is thus a yellow-white giant.
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Is eta carinae bigger then vy canis majoris?

No, you don't have to confuse "more massive" with "bigger". The most massive star in the eta Carinae system may have 100 times the mass of the Sun and be dozens of times bigge ( Full Answer )
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How do you view the eta on the ups site?

If you are anticipating a package through United Parcel Service, you will need to know the tracking number for that package. go to and enter the tracking number. ( Full Answer )
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Where can one apple for an ETA visa for australia?

One can apply for an ETA visa for Australia online in order to work temporarily or to stay in Australia for a long period of time as a tourist. ETA means Electronic Travel Aut ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Eta Klingenberg been in?

Eta Klingenberg has: Performed in "Morgen beginnt das Leben" in 1933. Performed in "Die englische Heirat" in 1934. Performed in "Konjunkturritter" in 1934. Played Rosa Schilli ( Full Answer )
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How is ETA of a vessel calculated?

Distance to travel divided by average speed = amount of time taken. Time now plus time taken = ETA
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What is the motto of Alpha Eta Rho?

Alpha Eta Rho's motto is 'Collegiate Aviation Leaders of Today... Aviation Industry Leaders of Tomorrow'.
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What has the author Eta Linnemann written?

Eta Linnemann has written: 'Studien zur Passionsgeschichte' -- subject(s): Bible, Criticism, interpretation, Passion 'Jesus of the parables' -- subject(s): Parables 'Par ( Full Answer )
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What color is eta Carinae?

Eta Carinae is a stellar system containing at least two stars with a combined luminosity over five million times that of the Sun . The primary is a peculiar star similar ( Full Answer )
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How would I get an Australian eta Visa?

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is for short term stays inAustralia and is not a work visa. Your best option is to go to theAustralian Government Department of Immigratio ( Full Answer )