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Define coup d' etat?

A coup is a planned but sudden attempt to seize power from the state and replace the existing government with a new one, usually by force and with the support of the military. (MORE)
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Coup de etat?

Coup d'etat means a sudden change of government by violent means.
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Use coup d' etat in a sentence?

My sentence is: cou d' etat is a French sentance.. Also: You wrote a sentence using it in your question
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Was there really a houndas coup de etat?

yes there was coup de etat in Honduras. it was done utilizing the military. The coup has threatened to bring down elected President Manuel Zelaya, although mass mobilisations (MORE)
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Is it aux or à les Etats-Unis?

The word 'aux' actually replaces the words 'a les', so you would write 'aux Etats-Unis' :)
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L' Etat c'est moi?

'I am the state' this is a quote from Louis the 14th, where he cut short a remark and asserted he had absolute powers.
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In Big Brother US what is the Coup De Etat?

The Coup De Etat is a mystery power that has appeared in various season of the show. It is where the holder of it, can overthrow the HOH's Nominations and Name their own 2 nom (MORE)
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What was Napoleon's coup d etat?

It was the take over of the Directory by the three Consuls of France. Napoleon had contril over the military and mandated his selection as the First Consul.
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Plural form of coup d etat?

Language is constantly redefined by use. In this case, the term ' coup d'état' comes from French, and the French plural is ' coups d'état'. However the term is now in co (MORE)
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Who used a coup d' etat to take over the government?

Napoleon Bonaparte on Nov. 9-10, 1799 ( 18th of Brumaire), when the Directory was overthrown and substituted by a government of three Consuls (the Consulate), of which Napol (MORE)
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Where can one find information on Etat Civil?

Etat Civil is French for societal status of a member of a family. This was introduced in the 1500's and was also used in Rome. Old libraries in Paris and Rome would probably (MORE)