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What does ethereal mean?

Webster's new world dictionary defines ethereal as: adj. 1. very light; airy; delicate 2. not earthly; heavenly
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Ethereal in a sentence?

I sit there awhile taking in the ethereal beauty around me. The echoes added an ethereal, otherworldly feeling to the music.
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Uses of ethers?

An Ether is sprayed into the air intake to start a stubborn engine. It may also be added to the fuel in race cars for extra power. also, Ether is used as a anesthetic for surg (MORE)
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How do put ethereal in a sentence?

The ethereal plains of Heaven are warmed by God's love, as an orchard is nurtured by the early summer sun.
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What is etherent?

I think you might mean ethernet. It is a network of computers.
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Ethers are ----------- derivates of water?

Not really.\n. \nI mean, "there's an O in the middle," yes, but other than that there's really no similarity and no chemist wanting to make an ether would start off with wate (MORE)
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How do you buy ethers in platinum?

Ethers and Leppa berries will recover PP. They're both hard to find, but if you catch some Clefairy Pokemon they might hold a Leppa berry.
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Why carbohydrates are insoluble in ethers?

Carbohydrates are polar molecules with a lot of -OH functional groups attached to it. This makes them capable of hydrogen bonding, which is one trait of polar protic compounds (MORE)
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Is carbohydrates soluble in ethers?

Yes! Carbohydrates are polar moleculeswith a lot of -OH functional groups attached to it. This makes themcapable of hydrogen bonding, which is one trait of polar proticcompou (MORE)
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How do you pronounce ethereal?

The word ethereal is pronounce i-theer-ee-uhl. It means light, airy, or tenuous.
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What are Xemnas' ethereal blades?

Xemnas' ethereal blades are his main weapons. They are two blades of energy that extend directly from his hands. They can be extended or shortened at will, as well as shot lik (MORE)
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Where can you buy ethers in Pokemon black?

You can't buy any ethers or elixirs in the game - you get them through random Pokéballs scattered around. You can use a Leppa Berry instead.
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What are aza crown ethers?

Some or all of the oxygen atoms in crown ethers can be replaced bynitrogen atoms to form aza crown ethers. In cryptands Some of the oxygen atoms replaced bynitrogen atoms, a (MORE)
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Why dowe have to pith a frog after etherizing?

Ether puts the frog asleep; it's still alive. Pithing it destroys the brain's connection to the rest of the frog, effectively killing it. It's the most humane process.
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What is the meaning of the word ethereal?

There are two main definitions for ethereal. One meaning is being of an extremely delicate nature and the other meaning is being heavenly or spiritual.
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What is promiscuous mode in Ethereal?

For a message to send out, it has to addresswhich Mac address to send. If the message I received doesn't notmatch with my MAC address then my network interface will drop thepa (MORE)
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Is ethereal an adjective?

Yes, it means wispy, tenuous, or (alternatively) heavenly.
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Is ethereal a noun?

No, the word 'ethereal' is an adjective used todescribe a noun as extremely delicate and light in a way that seemstoo perfect for this world; for example an ethereal gown, a (MORE)
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Are ethers least reactive?

Ethers are the least reactive class of organic compounds, moreover they are also less reactive than water