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Where is Mount Etna?

Mount Etna is on the south coast of Sicily in Italy ! It is a little over 11,000 feet high although its height varies from year to year because of volcanic eruptions. Mt. E ( Full Answer )
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What is Mt Etna there for?

It is a composite cone volcano and is located near a destructive plate boundary where the African Plate is subducted beneath the Europian Plate.
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What is Mount Etna?

a volcano because it has erupted many times before. It is about 10,925ft high and it is still active. My GREAT GREAT aunt
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When did Mount St etna erupded?

Mount St. Helen erupted on May 18, 1980.The eruption killed 57people. It is located n Washington state. It erupted sideways.
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What does Mount Etna look like?

Mount Etna looks like a volcano, the top is kind of slanted with a large crate on the top.
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What country is Etna in?

Mount Etna is on the east coast of Italy, in Sicily, in theprovince of Catania. It is an active stratovolcano.
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What kind of volcano is Mount Etna?

If google doesn't no ask your science teacher> If she or he or other doesn't know your f***ed!! :)
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Is Mount Etna a cinder cone?

Quote from the Related Link: "Mt. Etna is kind of a cross between a shield volcano and a composite volcano, and points out the fact that we humans are trying to fit volcanoes ( Full Answer )
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Is mount etna active?

Mount Etna an active! volcano in Italy and the largest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna is located on the east coast of Sicily . . Read more: http://wiki.answer ( Full Answer )
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How high is Mount Etna?

Mount Etna, an active volcano on the island of Sicily, is 3329 metres, or 10,922 feet high.
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Has Mount Etna been climbed?

Etna has been climbed any number of times. It's not particularlyhigh and unless the volcano is acting up there are Tourist tripsthat takes you into hiking distance of the top. ( Full Answer )
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Who lives near mt etna?

25% of Sicily's people live on Mt Etna's slopes. they use it for farming because of it's rich minerals.
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What makes Mount Etna unique?

In the 1970s Etna erupted smoke rings, [22] one of the first captured events of this type, which are extremely rare. This happened again in 2000.
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When was the first eruption of mount etna?

Quiero que la mamá en la cama a las 11:30 tonigth ! y asegurarse de que está limpio de mi amigo : ) y no se olvide que el condón ! heheh. Te quiero mucho mi amigo ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of Etna?

A snow hill made of rock formation, that was created by the tectonic plates and many other rock formations.
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What can you do at Mt Etna?

you could make money and be rich have kids and fun and life a good life with you wife.
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What is the evacuation plan for Mount Etna?

You hav to hav an emergency kit and get out of the area or you will burn to the ground and you do not want that to happen because you willl die!!
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Facts about Mount Etna for kids?

It is 11,000 feet It is Europe's largest and most active volcano It is located on the island of Sicily - part of Italy
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Can you drive up mount etna?

Not sure yet- but we are about to try it in a Lancia Ypsilon in feb so will let you know when (or if) I get back....
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How did people escape Mount Etna?

they got people in cars to come about and pick up people and take as many people they could but when they were full not many people could run as fast as the lava flow
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Is ETNA the biggest volcano in the world?

No. The largest active volcano in the world, in terms of volume and height, is Mauna Loa in Hawaii. The largest volcanic eruption in recorded history was Santorini, in the Me ( Full Answer )
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Is Etna the oldest volcano?

No. The oldest known volcano in the solar system is Olympus Mons on Mars which is over 4.5 billions years old. Earth is still geologically active and the plates that the conti ( Full Answer )
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What impact has mount etna had on humans?

there is lots of ash, lava everywhere, deth, & destruction . humans homes are destoryed & become homeless :( -Hayley G
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What is the capital of Mount Etna?

Mount Etna is an active volcano inthe Metropolitan City of Catania, Italy. Catania is the capital ofthe Metropolitan City of Catania, Italy.
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Is Mount Etna the tallest volcano?

Yes, Mount Etna is the tallest mountain found in the largest city of Siscily, Cantinia.
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How is Mount Etna useful to us?

it is useful because it is useful to us because because because because because because because
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What volcanoes surround Mount Etna?

There are loads of different mountains and volcanoes surrounding mount Etna but the biggest one is Mount poo-poo it may sound like a silly name but it is true! .
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Where is Mount Etna close to in Italy?

Mt Etna is on the east coast of Sicily near Catania and Messina. It's name comes from Greek and means "I burn."
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Where is Mount Etna And how high is the Mount Etna?

Mountain Etna is an active composite volcano located near the city Sicily, Italy. Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe and it has 3,329m height.
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Does Mount Etna have quiet explosions?

No. The term "quiet explosions" is self-contradictory. Mount Etnadoes, however, produce both explosive and nonexplosive eruptions.
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Do birds live on Mount Etna?

they have this thing on yhe inside of there body that keeps the heat out
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How do you get to Mt. Etna?

There may be several. But the most well known Etna is a Volcano on Sicily, an island off the coast of Italy.