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Value of a Remington Rem-ette from 1938-1942?

There is very little demand for this nice but quite bare-bones typewriter, and there are few references to it in collections. A Rem-Ette in good condition will sell for betwee (MORE)
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Woodland ett. institue?

\n. \nhow many e t t centers are in jammu & kashmir?\n. \nin year 2007-2009 session validity lal bahadur collage ogf education katua
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What does ette mean?

It's a French suffix meaning small and feminine.
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What is the history on a etts continsouza mle-m-16 gun?

I have one of them(only the metal part) found in Gallipoli. I need the answer too. French Berthier rifle model 1916, either carbine or rifle (rifle is about 51" or so). Base (MORE)
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9 letter word ending in ette?

pirouette. (term used in ballet for a full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot)
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What are words that end with ette?

aigrette aiguillette andouillette anisette anticigarette ariette audiocassette bachelorette baguette bannerette banquette barbette barquette barrette (MORE)
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Does -ette mean half?

No. It is French diminutive suffix meaning "little." Nouns suffixed with -ette are feminine in French, even if the un-suffixed word is masculine. Le cigar becomes la cigar (MORE)
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What is the date-sheet of special batch 2008-2010 ETT. j and k?

jammu board walo ne yeh admission frod tarike se liya tha inhone sirf paisa kamane ke liye yesa kiya tha ye log bhukhe nange hai inhone hamara bhavisya kharab kar diya hai tat (MORE)
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What has the author Ottmar Ette written?

Ottmar Ette has written: 'ArabAmericas. Literary Entanglements of the American Hemisphere and the Arab World' 'Literatur in Bewegung: Raum und Dynamik grenz uberschreitend (MORE)
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What has the author Andreas Ette written?

Andreas Ette has written: 'Potenziale intergenerationaler Beziehungen' 'Auswanderung aus Deutschland' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, Brain drain, Auswanderung