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Who said eureka and why?

Archimedes, after discovering the principle of density. Most commonly associated with him having a bath, seeing the water flow out as he got in, then running round the town na ( Full Answer )
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What is an eureka can method?

A 'eureka can' is basically a container with a spout. The spout is positioned a little distance below the top of the container. It is used to find the volume of usually an irr ( Full Answer )
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What does 'Eureka' mean?

I have found it! Eureka is a Greek word meaning "Ah-ha!" or "I have found it." Legend has it that Archimedes shouted the word when he realized that the volume of an irreg ( Full Answer )
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On Eureka Seven Does Rentin ever kiss Eureka?

yes in the last episode. Ya more or less the last about five mins of episode 50 but its what i would say a prety bad ending to a whole series.
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What is eureka seven?

Eureka Seven is a Japanese manga/anime series created by Bones. It's about a boy named Renton who joins a group called the Gekkostate. The time of this is taken far into the f ( Full Answer )
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What was the Eureka Stockade?

The Eureka Stockade occurred in Ballarat, Victoria, during the early years of the Australian goldrush. In the event, the gold miners rebelled against the miner's licence, whic ( Full Answer )
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What is a eureka can?

A Eureka Can is an scientific piece of equipment used to measure liquid or other substances. It is used in labs or in science classrooms!
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Is eureka a place?

Yes, eureka is a little city six hours from everyplace else on the northern coast of california.. It is also a saying for when you have found a lot of gold. It can also mean; ( Full Answer )
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What month did the Eureka Stockade start?

The Eureka Stockade was constructed in early December 1854. It also ended within a few short hours of commencing.
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What is the Eureka Phenomenon?

The "eureka phenomenon" was discovered by Isaac Asimov and described in his 1971 essay with the same name. . His theory, in simple terms, is that a person has both voluntary ( Full Answer )
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Why did they have the eureka stockade?

they had a fued over the gold licenses that they should be removedor lowened down in price
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What is a Eureka' can used for?

A 'eureka can' is basically a container with a spout. The spout is positioned a little distance below the top of the container. It is used to find the volume of usually an irr ( Full Answer )
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Why did the eureka happen?

Eureka happened when archemide discovered the principle of buoyancy. Archimede was a famous greek mathmatician. The king summounded him to help him with a dilema. The king th ( Full Answer )
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Why was there a Eureka Stoskade?

Eureka Stockade had arisen from high rising prices for mining equipment, the expense of a Miner's License, and taxation without representation on the license. The miners deman ( Full Answer )
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Why is it called a eureka can?

a eureka can is called eureka because many years ago Archimedes was in the bath and he found that when he got in the water rose this is because he took up space in the tub he ( Full Answer )
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What is the eureka beaker?

The eureka beaker is a beaker to find out the density of irregular shaped objects. Archimedes invented it when he stepped into his bath and saw that the water level rose. He s ( Full Answer )
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In what state is the town Eureka in the SyFy show Eureka?

According to the town history at the official website, Eureka is located in "a remote area of the Pacific Northwest." I'm pretty sure I've spied a map while watching the show ( Full Answer )
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What is eureka wire?

Eureka wire consists of Nickel 45% and Copper 55% . its operating temp. is 400 degreeC while melting point is 1270 degreeC..
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What is Eureka Seven about?

the eureka seven series is about a girl named eureka and a boy named renton and how they like each other but haven't told each other and how they save man kind hope i explaine ( Full Answer )
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Who were the people at the Eureka Stockade?

The battle involved the Red-Coats (police) and the miners. It was abattle over the sudden increase in the cost of a mining licence.
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When was the Eureka Stockade built?

Construction on the actual flimsy structure known as the EurekaStockade began on Saturday 2 December 1854. On this date, the goldminers of the Ballarat region began to constru ( Full Answer )
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Will there be another season of Eureka Seven?

No , the Eureka anime series is over with 50 episodes but there is the film "Eureka Seven - good night, sleep tight, young lovers " .
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Where can you find Eureka 7 episodes?

i go to to watch my animes and stuff but u can only watch 72 minutes then wait 54 minutes before watching anymore ( i do not own or work with i just ( Full Answer )
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Where is Eureka 7 available?

You can order the DVD off of Ebay, or you can watch it on or YouTube.
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Where did the word eureka originate?

It is actually a Greek word meaning, "I have found it" It has become famous from its use by the Greek mathematician Archimedes. The Greek leader at the time asked him to a ( Full Answer )
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Who was in the Eureka stockade?

Australian troopers were fighting against the gold miners in theEureka Stockade. These miners were from a range of countries,including Australia, Ireland, Germany, America and ( Full Answer )
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Who invented 'Eureka'?

A stimulus was, in fact, responsible for the creation of the word Eureka! In the original Greek, "Eureka!" means "I have found it!" According to Greek legend, a mathematician ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Eureka Flag called the Eureka flag?

Because one of the places in the Ballarat Goldfields was called eureka and the diggers named a lot of things after eureka such as the "Eureka Hotel".
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What is the connection between eureka seven and eureka seven ao?

Fact: ao is the son of eureka (and probably Renton.. but this is not yet shown/confirmed in the series). Watch out, some " spoilers " up to episode 12, and speculation ahea ( Full Answer )