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What is an expert witness?

An expert witness is a person who has been specially educated, or has experience beyond the norm, that can be legally called as a witness to testify in a case involving the to (MORE)

What is the difference between Human expert vs expert system?

Answer 1.    Human Experts    Skills and knowledge can deterriorate over time  Training human experts is an expensive and lengthy process that  may not even gua (MORE)

What is emycin in expert systems?

As i understand, emycin is a framework for making consult-based  systems. Its based on the structure of Mycin. its not an expert  system, but a tool form making experts syst (MORE)
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What is the noun for expert?

The noun expert is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a  person with special skill in or knowledge of a subject.    The noun form for the adjective expert i (MORE)

What is forensic expert?

A Forensics Expert is anyone who is an expert int something that  pertains to the court system. It is broadly used to refer to anyone  involved in collecting evidence at the (MORE)

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What is a ballistics expert?

Examines and tests firearms, spent bullets, and related evidence in criminal cases to develop facts useful in apprehension and prosecution of suspects: Examines bullets, bulle (MORE)

What is an expert?

A expert is when someone is really good at something. In fact, it is when a person has extended knowledge about any given subject, issue, place, person(s), or random thing.
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Architecture of expert expert system?

  expert system architecture need to act like the process expert attempt to do for reasoning based on the given facts. architecture comprise of interface, explanation syst (MORE)