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Do kids in top magnet middle schools ever get F's?

Yes, even in top schools some kids fail classes. Schools tend to grade on curves, meaning that most people will score in the middle, with a few at the top and a few at the b ( Full Answer )
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Where can I get the Wiring diagram for 1975 F's truck?

Answer . ull have to buy a haynes repair manual for ur vehicle at ur local parts house there around $15 it will have a complete wiring diagram inside. Its very difficult t ( Full Answer )
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Can you get f's and still pass?

It depends on your other grades. If you're pulling D's and F's,you're not going to be able to pull up an F. If your other gradesare A's and B's you should be OK if you make an ( Full Answer )
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Will my grades be F's?

gets out crystal ball, puts on wizard hat* . I predict that your grades will be F's unless you have been keeping up with your schoolwork. Click on some of the related questi ( Full Answer )
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Can you still be a vet if you get d's and f's?

You will probably not succeed, even if you would get admitted to the school of your choice. That is because d's and f's reflect that you have neither learned how to make bette ( Full Answer )
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In middle school do you pass with a D's and F's?

Don't quote me on this but I think passing is a C. I recommend talking with your school to verify this. I would also suggest getting help -such as a tutor or study club- to br ( Full Answer )
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Is different spelled with two f's or one'?

It is spelled with two F's, however, you left out an E also. Thus it is spelled different. . 2. But also 2 "E"s. DIFFERENT
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What is the function of F's in the keyboard?

The are a series of shortcuts aimed to make programmes like microsoft word easier to use. Such as spell check or 'find and replace' tools
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Should schools eliminate f's from all report cards?

Of course not !... The grading system is there to show whether apupil has followed their lessons sufficiently to gain a usefulgrade. Pupils that don't like the idea of an 'F' ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on the honor roll when you get d's c's or f's?

After you come home from school. 1. Do your homework 2.Have some free time 3.Study subject you're bad at 4.If you don't want to study alone ask a friend if they want to 5.Hav ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on top of dr f's house in mysims agents?

you go to the right of Dr.F's house, you will see a genorator type of thing with a red light on it. get in front of it and jump. then jump again if you didn't make it that tim ( Full Answer )
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How many 'f's are there in pi?

In base 10, there are none. In base 16 or higher, there are infinitely many.
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What are the three F's?

The first F stands for 'friendship' second F stands for 'fashion' third F stands for 'film!
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How do you change 2 F's?

You can talk to your instructor about making up some of the work. Often they will let you at a reduced grade. You can also ask for extra credit. Getting on task for the rest o ( Full Answer )
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If you have 5 f's in science for the whole year will you fail?

well if those 5 f's are the only grades that u have gotten in that class then yes and also yes u r failing...but again it all depends on what ur grade is if its in the 70s ur ( Full Answer )
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What are all the words which have 2 F's the end?

Here are some words with double f at the end: . bailiff . blastoff . bluff . brushoff . buff . caff . castoff . chaff . checkoff . cliff . cuff . dandruff . duff ( Full Answer )
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What word has 2 f's in a row?

Words that have a double "f" are: . affair affect bluff buff buffalo buffoon cliff coffin cuff daffodil differ effect effervescent effort fluff graffiti griffin gruff huff mu ( Full Answer )
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Could i pass eighth grade with 3 f's?

There are several factors involved when it comes to retaining a student. Age of the student is one factor. If you are too old it is not likely you will be kept in 8th grade. I ( Full Answer )
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Are F's in middle school?

If you have an f in science in 6th grade will it prevent you fro going to high school?
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What are the three F's and how can they be used to disarm the upset customer?

Feel, Felt, Found The 3 F's are a skeleton on which to hang the rest of your response. This technique acknowledges the customer's feelings and offers an explanation in a way ( Full Answer )
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What are Canada's 7 f's?

The 7 f's are F ossil fuel F ishing F ur F lowing water F errous metals F arming F orestry
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What is Nicole f's favorite sport?

gymnastics,dance,ice skating, track,cheerleading= she has a lot shewants to be an athlete when she grows up!
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How many f's do you need to fall 6th grade?

The number of "Fs" needed to fail 6th grade depends on the policiesof your particular school. It would be best to ask a teacher oradministrator.
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What is F's in scientific notation?

Scientific notation is a way of writing numbers that are too big ortoo small to be conveniently written in decimal form. F might refer to Fahrenheit faraday fluorine force far ( Full Answer )