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When did the Fab Five leave for the NBA?

Answer . Chris Webber entered the 1993 NBA draft. Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard were in the 1994 draft. Ray Jackson and Jimmy King finished their eligibility in 1995.
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Who were the Fab Five?

Revised Answer The group nickname Fab Five is a play on the Fab Four, a famous nickname for The Beatles. It has since been applied to the following: * The members of 1980s p ( Full Answer )
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What does 'FAB' stand for in the TV show 'Thunderbirds'?

According to the Urban Dictionary, "FAB" from the TV show "Thunderbirds" stood for " Full Acknowledgment of Broadcast ," the equivalent of 10-4. Gerry Anderson, the producer o ( Full Answer )
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What is FAB?

Used to be a laundry soap. Most commonly know as a shorten form of the world fabulous. As in Ab Fab, the BBC comedy.
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How do I use my FAB echo guitar peal?

The FAB Echo has two knobs - "Repeat" and "Mix". Repeat controls the amount of times the sound is repeated. It should be noted that rather than echo, this is a simplified dela ( Full Answer )
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How do i contact Fab 5 Freddy?

He's probably still in NYC and might still be friends with Walter Stedding. Walter Stedding was the music director for the 70's TV show "TV Party" Fab 5 Freddy was a regular g ( Full Answer )
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What is a FAB?

Contraction of the word Fabulous, mainly British usage- as in Fab Four- the Beatles ( used absolutely -like the Union Jack as the National Flag!) Fab Four are the Beatles. FAB ( Full Answer )
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Ab fab character?

There are several characters in the sitcom, "Absolutely Fabulous."Some popular "Ab-Fab" characters are Edina, Saffron, Patsy, Serge,Justin, and Marshall.
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Why were the Beatles called the Fab Four?

They were "fab" (from "fabulous"), and there were four of them. Insiders at NEMS Enterprises (Brian Epstein's management company, purchased by the Beatles after Epstein's deat ( Full Answer )
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Who are 'the fab four'?

The Beatles. John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey), and Paul McCartney. The phrase was coined by Tony Barrow, their first publicist.MP
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What does FAB in Thunderbirds mean?

as one understands there are two meanings. FAB as a sort of countersign meant Fully Advised, Briefed- in other words- like Roger, Wilco. another angle was short for Fabulous- ( Full Answer )
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Who did the Fab Five lose to?

This question is very general. Are you asking about the NCAA title games they played in? If so the answers are Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels.
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Why were The Beatles known as the fab four?

The Beatles publicist, Tony Barrow, coined the phrase. The Beatles consisted of four members who were fabulous(no sarcasm intended).
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Who are the graffiti group FAB?

F.A.B( F ull A ffect B omberz) Est:5-13-09. is a premier graffiti label. From tagging and bombing to customizable clothes, shoes, walls, hats and more. Official Myspace. ww ( Full Answer )
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Is Steri Fab a reputable company?

Sterifab is manufactured by Noble Pine Products Co. They have been in business since 1920,and are considered to be one of the most esteemed companies in manufacturing.
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How Do I Look Fab?

To Look Fab First You Need Make Up. Wash Face . Put on Moisturiser . Blusher (Put Pink Blusher On The Cheek Bone) . Gold Eyeshadow . Eye Liner . Mascarer . lippy . No ( Full Answer )
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Is Harry Potter fab?

Of course! :] It's my god, my religion. . But there are better words to describe the Harry Potter series... . Tremendous, miraculous, godly, pious, fantastic, superb, sensat ( Full Answer )
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Mag fab and cred are examples of this?

Abbreviated or shortened words like these; mag for magificent, fab for fabulous and so on are said to be truncated . Badly or poorly educated and subliterate English instr ( Full Answer )
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Where can i watch the movie fab five?

You may be able to buy, borrow or rent the movie. Also you may be able to watch it online.
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What does fab mean on thunder birds?

The term FAB used in the Show 'Thunderbirds' from my recollections as a kid my friends and I always thought it stood for "Fully Acknowledged Broadcast" as you hear Virgil say ( Full Answer )
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What does fab mean in the thunder birds?

'Fab' was a 1960's abbreviation for the word 'Fabulous' and along with 'Groovy' was a popular word at the time. It was included in the series Thunderbirds as the phrase 'F. A. ( Full Answer )
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Is steri fab safe for pets?

STERIFAB is a non-residual product. It can be applied to most inanimate objects. When it is dry, people and pets can re- occupy the area. It is not to be used directly on pets ( Full Answer )
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Why they were know as the fab four?

They were fabulous (= "fab") and there were "four" in the band. The phrase was coined by Tony Barrow, The Beatles' press officer, first using it in an early press release.
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What is is fabs function in C programming and how can it be used?

fabs function can be found in math.h header and you need to include it if you wish to use it . fabs is used to find absolute value of floating point values. example: #i ( Full Answer )
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Who was on the fab five team at Michigan?

Answer The 5 members of the Michigan Fab 5 were Chris Webber, Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and Ray Jackson.
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Who is Fab Ricciardi?

Fab Ricciardi is a published poet, a writer, an entrepreneur, an artist, a chef, an inventor, a sales dynamo, a marketing guru, an actor/model, a bodyguard/bouncer, an amputee ( Full Answer )
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Why is Mr.Kratzig so fab?

Mr.Kratzig is so fab because he wears green neon glasses. He is the best teacher EVER ok. Ya ok bye now . ily mr kratzig
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What was the first stage that the Fab Four performed on?

The Fab Four is a tribute band which pays homage to the Beatles which was founded in 1997. Although the band's first stage performance is unknown, their beginning included pe ( Full Answer )
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Who are the members of the Fab Four tribute band?

In the Fab Four tribute band, there are four members. The members are: Michael Amador (Sitar), Ardy Sarraf (Keyboard), Rolo Sandoval (Percussion), and Ron McNeil (Guitar).
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What are pre fab buildings?

Pre fab stands for pre-fabricated.On the construction sites of pre-fab buldings, rather than constructing all of the parts on-site, the parts are delivered already manufacture ( Full Answer )
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Who is considered to be the Fab 5?

University of Michigan had a mens¥_basketball team in 1991 which was considered to be the best of all classes ever recruited. The Fab 5 was born which included Chris Webber ( Full Answer )
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What sport does Fab Flournoy participate in?

Basketball Fabulous Flournoy is a head coach and player for the Newcastle Eagles. The team competes in the British Basketball League.
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What fab I make with an egg and milk?

I think you meant to say "What can I make with an egg and milk?" Ifyou have frying pan, you can make a scrambled egg or an omelet withthese ingredients.