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What is a fable?

A fable is a short story that has a moral or lesson. It ofteninvolves animals, plants, mythical creatures, etc. with humanqualities. A fable can be a story about supernatural ( Full Answer )
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What are fables?

Fables are short stories that teach the reader lessons about life or give advice in how to live
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What is Dragon Fable?

Dragon Fable is an online RPG (role playing game) where you run around (literally-- more on this later), doing quests and fighting monsters. It's created by Artix Entertainmen ( Full Answer )
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What are the examples of fables?

Examples of fables are poems that do not have a rhyme scheme, but they often rhyme. Some examples of fables would be: The boy who cried wolf, the tortous and the hare. They po ( Full Answer )
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What is Fable actually about?

I never played Fable but Fable 2 is about: You are a little boy or girl and then your sister or brother dies of a gun bull in the head by a sort of king and then you will meet ( Full Answer )
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Characteristics of fables?

A fable is a short tale used to teach a moral, often with animals as characters. ^_^ Your Welcome!
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Who is 'The Father of Fables'?

Aesop is considered by many to be the father of fables. He was a Greek slave from the 6th Century BC who was known during his lifetime as a wonderful story teller. Most histo ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of fables?

This is what FABLES means: a short tale to teach a moral lesson, often with animals or inanimate objects as characters; apologue: the fable of the tortoise and the hare; Ae ( Full Answer )
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How do fables start?

fables started by aesop. Aesop is by universal consent believed to have been born about the year 620 B.C.
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Where do the fables came from?

fables and myths were storeys probably based on true events or an analogy used to teach children about the world these would of been passed down orally until they were recor ( Full Answer )
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Where fable come from?

a Fable is folk tale or a myths is the expression of that fanciful heritage spontaneously created in any kind of culture, for the man's innate needs, intended to convey a ( Full Answer )
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Why is a fable considered a fable?

A fable is a short, pithy animal tale, most often told or written with a moral tagged in the form of a proverb. Thus to convey a moral is the aim of most fables, and the tale ( Full Answer )
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Is fable for the ps2?

No. Fable was created by Microsoft game studios and is only available for Xbox and Xbox 360.
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Characteristics of a fable?

a short story that contains a moral ( often written below the story ) and contains talking animals
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What does a fable teach?

A fable teaches a moral through the little story told via mythical creatures, animals, forces of nature etc. The reader is then meant to use the moral of the story to reflect ( Full Answer )
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What a fable is not?

The definition of a fable is talking animals. If it doesn't have that it is not a fable. a fable doesn't have to have talking animals it doesn't even need to have animals! ( Full Answer )
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What does a fable do?

A fable is a story that has a really good point to it u should checkout Aesop's fables at ur library.
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What is the longest fable?

in my view i say that vikrmaditya's story is the longest fable in Indian. many country's have many fables.
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Why are the characteristics of a fable?

Fables act as parables; meaning their story teaches a lesson. Fables also feature personified animals.
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What is the adjective of fable?

If you actually look up 'Fabulous' in most dictionaries (and wiki I think), you'll find that it can mean 'fable-like' or 'of the nature of a fable'.
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What are the features of fables?

( well i know what fables are) they are fake made up story's with animal characters .
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What is an Ecological Fable?

Nature storytelling is an integral part of human development and human history. It is a shared experience between the teller and the listener that transmits feelings and value ( Full Answer )
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What is the fable about?

Your Question is not very well worded. A fable is a short story that at the end of it has some kind of teaching or moral.
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Does a fable have a moral?

yes because a fable is called a fable it has a moral in it like the fox and the grapes:"People tend to despise that which they dont have" hope this helps BTW im eleven
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What do you need in a fable?

The most basic requirement for a fable is to have talking animals. It is the definition of a fable. After this other popular components of a fable are: moral lessons, ethics, ( Full Answer )
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What do fables have in them?

Fables have short stories with moral messages that teach us a simple but important lesson in life. Popular fable writers include Aesop and some interesting fables from around ( Full Answer )
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What is a fable Give an example of a fable?

A fable is a story that has a meaning behind the story itself. Some examples are The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf , The Fox and the Grapes , T he Mouse ( Full Answer )
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What are aesops fables about?

There is usually a moral or life lesson in many of Aesops fables. Some are cautionary, some an illistration of what happens if you don't walk the right path.
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Are aesp fables and fables the same?

A fable is a type of story. Aesop's fables are the fables invented by the famed fabalist Aesop.
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What is furry fable?

furry fable was a virtual world ,but now it may have shut down or lost its domain name as you cannot get to it any more.
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What is a tale and what is fable?

tale - a narrative that relates the details of some real orimaginary event, incident, or case; story fable - a short tale to teach a moral lesson, often with animals orinani ( Full Answer )
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Is smurfs a fable?

smurfs is based on a guy called Danny Walsh it is a true story. the create made the smurfs blue to add fun to the story.Danny Walsh inst blue
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Why you read fables?

Usually fables have a moral to be passed on to the reader and hopefully both young and older readers will benefit from these.