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What was the benavides regiment?

My 5x great grandfather was the leader of that regiment, Santos Benavides. He was the captain of the 33rd Texas Cavalry, also called Benavides' Regiment, until he was promoted (MORE)

What does benavides mean in English?

I can't find that word, but you could be referring to "bienvenidos", which means "welcome", or perhaps "buena vida", which would mean "good life".
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Basic sentence pattern of s-l-v-c?

It is a sentence pattern consisting of the elements of: S = Subject (always a noun or pronoun) LV = Linking Verb (is, are, were, was, am, be, been, being) C = Compliment (MORE)

What did C. V. Raman invent?

Sir C. V. Raman is an Indian physicist. He discovered that when light traverses a transparent material, some of the light that is deflected changes in wavelength. This is call (MORE)

How many words can be made from these letters s v c m t r m e o?

go to and d/l their letter scrambler proggy. put the letters in and hit enter or whatever the button is. viola! you'll have al (MORE)

What is full form of c v?

  Answer   Resume or Curriculum Vitae? What's the difference? The primary differences are the length, the content and the purpose. A resume is a one or two page sum (MORE)

When to use s' v 's?

In possessive plurals, if the word is already a plural, then 's is added: for example, the children's books.   If the word requires an s to make it plural, then the apostro (MORE)
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What did C V Raman invent?

Sir C V Raman discovered the raman effect, and for this was one of the greatest scientists of all times. His specialty was Physics.
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