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What is fe curriculum?

Answer \nTo the best of my knowledge FE stands for further education, so an FE curriculum would constitute the things you learn at university.
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.41 grams FE is how many moles Fe?

For this you need the atomic mass of Fe. Take the number of grams and divide it by the atomic mass. Multiply by one mole for units to cancel. .410 grams Fe / (55.9 grams) = ( Full Answer )
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What is element Fe?

Fe is Iron. It isn't 'Ir' because they got Fe from iron's Latin name, ferum. It also can't be 'Ir' because Ir is already the symbol for another element, iridium.
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What is the electron configuration of Fe 2?

[Ar] 4s2 3d4 This is incorrect. The correct answer is [Ar] 3d6 because the 4s orbital is the outer shell. The electrons will leave the 4s shell before they will leave the 3d ( Full Answer )
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Who was the founder of Santa Fe?

Santa Fe was occupied by the Pueblo Indians as early as 1050. Spanish presence begins with Francisco Coronado's expedition in 1515. Don Juan Onate established his Capital at t ( Full Answer )
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Santa fe alternator?

You can look for one of these online. Many sites, such as eBay, oreven automotive parts stores will have this alternator for you.
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Where does the Santa Fe trail begin?

The Santa Fe Trail began in Independence, Missouri where peoplecould buy the wagons and the goods.
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What does Fe mean?

If your question is referring to chemical symbols, the symbol Fe refers to the element iron . In the periodic table, it can be found in Group 8 and period 4.
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Is Fe ionic?

Yes, Fe is Ionic. It is hard and has a very high melting point, as well as it can conduct electricity.
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What is Fe Al?

Fe is ferrum or more commonly known as iron... Al is aluminium.... go read chemistry..
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What is fe used for?

Fe, also known as iron, is used for many different things such as pots and pans this is because it is a good conductor of heat.
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Does Fe Apesta?

Yes because "he" sucks!!. and because Fe means Faith and yup Faith is a loser and chupar means sucks in Spanish. Faith is actually a girl but everybody in "his" class hate ( Full Answer )
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What is Fe H2SO4?

\nFe is elemental iron and H2SO4 sulfuric acid.\nThey'd react like:\n. \nFe(s) + H2SO4(aq) --> FeSO4(aq) + H2(g)\n. \nFeSO4, iron(II)sulfate or ferrous sulfate\nH2, Hydrogen ( Full Answer )
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Fe plus S FeS?

Yes, Fe (iron) plus S (sulfur) equals FeS (iron sulfide). If theiron ion is iron(ll) then it is iron(ll) sulfide; if it isiron(lll), then it iron(lll) sulfide.
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Which is larger Fe 2 plus or Fe 3 plus?

Fe 3+ is smaller. Its ionic radius is 63 pm, while Fe 2+ has an ionic radius of 77 pm. (For comparison, the Fe atom has a radius of 140 pm.) This is because the outermost ( Full Answer )
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Is fe a mixture?

Iron is not a mixture; it is a type of metal, and the most abundanttype on Earth. It can also be found in human bodies, fruits, andvegetables.
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Is fe an atom?

No, the symbol for an atom (but also for the element) of iron is Fe . .
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What is Fe-60?

It's most likely 60 Fe, also written iron-60, which is an isotope of iron with 60 nucleons (protons and neutrons). It doesn't occur in nature to any significant degree. It's ( Full Answer )
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What is the oxidation number for Fe in FeBr?

Fe has an oxidation number of . +2 in ferrous salts . +3 in ferric salts As Br has an oxidation number of -1 in bromide, only two salts of Fe with Br are possible: . ( Full Answer )
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What are the schools in Santa Fe nm?

St. John's College, Santa FeeUniversity of Art and Design, Institute of American Indian Arts andSanta Fe Community College are colleges in Santa Fe, NewMexico.
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What does Fe²O³ stand for?

DiIronTriOxide or DiFerroTriOxide Two Iron Atoms together with Three Oxygen Atoms. Isn't this Magnetite? A material that is higly magnetic :-)
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What does FE mean on periodic table?

If you meant the Fe in the transition elements, then it means iron. Iron is represented by Fe because iron's Latin name is ferrum.
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Does it snow in Santa Fe nm?

Yes. The weather is usually very nice, but it can snow as early as October and as late as May.
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What is fe-25 loan?

Fe-25 is the Trade Loan facility for exporters and importers, for detail click the following link:
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What is the Oxidation number of Fe in FeS2?

In assigning formal oxidation states it is necessary to consider the bonding present amongst the species involved. FeS 2 was one of the earliest crystal structures solved b ( Full Answer )
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How many atoms are in FeS?

In Iron Sulphide (FeS), there is one Iron (Fe) atom, and one Sulphur (S) atom. Therefore, there is a total of 2 atoms in the compound Iron Sulphide (FeS).
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Fe plus S equals FeS?

Yes, if the iron ion is iron(II), which means it has a charge of 2 + . FeS is called iron(II) sulfide. If the iron ion is iron(III), with a charge of 3 + , then the formula un ( Full Answer )
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Is Fe a solid?

Fe is the chemical symbol for iron, which is solid at room temperature. Its melting point is 1538 °C
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What is the element FeS?

FeS (iron sulphide) is a compound and not an element. It is comprised of two elements ; iron and sulphur.
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What is Fe AlO2?

Fe(AlO 2 ) 2 iron(II) aluminate is better written as FeAl 2 O 4 , and is better described as a mixed oxide with close packed oxide ions and Fe 2+ and Al 3+ occupying tetrah ( Full Answer )
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How many atoms of Fe are in 0.26 mole of Fe?

A single gram atomic mass of iron is usually considered to be the functional equivalent of a mole of metallic iron, because iron atoms do not form well characterized polyatomi ( Full Answer )