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What do ferromagnesian minerals have in common?

Ferromagnesian minerals are minerals that have iron or magnesium intheir structure. The greater specific gravity is between 3.2 and3.6. Some examples are pyroxene, biotite, ga ( Full Answer )
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What are ferromagnesian minerals?

Ferromagnesian silicates are those minerals containing ions of iron (iron=ferro) and/or magnesium in their structure. Because of there iron content, ferromagnesian silicates a ( Full Answer )
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What is ferromagnesian rocks?

ferromagnesian rocks are dark coloured rocks with high melting point and high specific gravity. they are basic rocks that consists of the elements like iron and magnessium, an ( Full Answer )
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What type of rock is ferromagnesian?

The term ferromagnesian refers to types of minerals that are comprised primarily of the elements iron and magnesium.
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Is quartz a ferromagnesian silicate?

Pure, natural quartz is an oxide of silicon. However, there arequite a number of variations. Please see the link.