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Why ferromagnetic substances are not used in adiabatic demagnetization?

A system that is a perfect ferromagnet has all the spins aligned whether or not there is an external magnetic field. As a result applying an external magentic field does not c ( Full Answer )
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What is ferromagnetism?

Answer . Ferromagnetism . \n\n\n From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Ferromagnetism is the "normal" form of magnetism which most people are familiar with, as exh ( Full Answer )
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What is a ferromagnetic element?

Answer . Some ferromagnetic elements are: Iron Nickel Cobalt Gadolinium Dyprosium. Ferromagnetic means- a substance such as iron in which the magnetic moments of ( Full Answer )
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Is neodymium ferromagnetic?

Yes, neodymium is ferromagnetic. Ferromagnetic is a characteristic of an element that can be permanently magnetized like iron. Thus, neodymium can be permanently magnetized, s ( Full Answer )
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What elements are not ferromagnetic?

While any element can be influenced by a magnetic field, there areonly 3 that are considered ferromagnetic. These are Fe, Ni, and Co,and also their alloys with each other and ( Full Answer )
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What does ferromagnetic mean?

Definitions of ferromagnetic on the Web:. relating to or demonstrating ferromagnetism . Ferromagnetism is the "normal" form of magnetism, ( Full Answer )
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Is aluminum ferromagnetic?

No. Aluminium is a paramagnetic material and has not a permanent magnetization like a ferromagnetic material. Instead, Al only shows a weak magnetic moment in presence of ( Full Answer )
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What are ALL the ferromagnetic elements?

The elements who are ferromagnetic at ambient temperatura (approx. 300 K) are: Iron (T C =1043 K), nickel (T C =627 K), cobalt (T C =1388 K) gadolinium (292 K). (T ( Full Answer )
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What is a ferromagnetic?

a ferromagnetic is of or relating to substances with an abnormally high magnet permeability, a definite saturation point, and appreciable residal magnetism and hysteresis.
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What makes an ferromagnet magnetic?

Honest answer is we don't know. BUT Best guess is that all the iron atoms line up and that all their electrons spin in the same direction. We do know that a moving curre ( Full Answer )
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What are the ferromagnetic materials?

It is a material that has small areas called domains that can align to an applied external magnetic field, this establishment is very high compared to the same area of air.
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Domain theory of ferromagnetism?

the ferromagnetic material is composed from small regions which are called domains. in each domain the atomicdipoles aligned to each other in specified direction and this is b ( Full Answer )
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Which metals are ferromagnetic?

Fe. The prefix ferro means iron. Therefore metals with iron in them are ferromagnetic. Steel for instance.. There are some other metals that are magnetic like cobalt
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Is gold ferromagnetic?

No. Gold is diamagnetic. The only ferromagnetic metals at room temperature are iron, cobalt and nickel
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What do you use ferromagnetic material?

you mean iron.. well you use iron for lotsa things.. its a new invention i know why you dont understand it... humans just started using it in the "iron age"
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Susceptibility of ferromagnetic substances?

Magnetic susceptibility is the quantitative measure of the extentto which an object may be magnetized in relation to a given appliedmagnetic field. In ferromagnetic susceptibi ( Full Answer )
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Is copper a ferromagnetic element?

No, it can not be converted into a permanent magnet. because Cu has only one unpaired electron.
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What type of cookware is ferromagnetic?

I assume you are looking for something for a induction cook-top. You can always use cast-iron or enameled cast iron. Most stainless steel will work, but bring a magnet with yo ( Full Answer )
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Which is more ferromagnetic alloy or iron?

You need to specify which alloy.\n. \nThere are alloys that are highly ferromagnetic, and alloys which are almost completely nonmagnetic.
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How ferromagnetic materials become magnetized?

To understand this explanation you must first know: 1)magnetic fields exert force on moving electric charges 2)moving electric charges create magnetic fields The spin of the ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic?

3. Ferromagnetism When you think of magnetic materials, you probably think of iron, nickel or magnetite. Unlike paramagnetic materials, the atomic moments in these materials ( Full Answer )
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Types of ferromagnetic materials?

Chromium(IV) oxide, Cobalt, Dysprosium, Gadolinium, Gallium manganese arsenide, Iron, Magnetite, Nickel, Permalloy, Suessite, Yttrium iron garnet.
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Is a battery ferromagnetic?

It depends completely on what it's made of. Some would be, and some wouldn't. I can't say off the top of my head, but the best way to find out is to see if a magnet (you proba ( Full Answer )
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Why iron cobalt nickel are ferromagnetic substances?

They all sit next to each other in the Periodic Table, thus have similar electron numbers and atomic sizes. This allows a magnetic resonance to be set up between the moving el ( Full Answer )
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Are pennies ferromagnetic?

Pennies are made of copper. Iron is ferrous not copper. To be ferromagnetic you would have to add iron or the other ferromagnetic elements..
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Why ferromagnetism not found in liquid and gases?

Because in case of liquids and gases there will be more randomness in magnetic moments so that will unable to align in one direction and will start behave as paramagnetism.
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What is ferromagnetic metals?

Ferromagnetic metals are iron, cobalt, nickel; they can form permanent magnets and can be attracted by other magnets.
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Do ferromagnetic materials magnetize?

You can magnetize them by placing them near the magnetic field of a metal, this magnetizes them Another way to magnetize a ferromagnet it to wrap a insulated live wire aroun ( Full Answer )
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How does ferromagnetic apply to permanent magnets?

A permanent magnet is an object made from a material that is magnetized and creates its own persistent magnetic field. An everyday example is a refrigerator magnet used to h ( Full Answer )
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Is magnesium a ferromagnetic?

yes its a ferromagnetic because it can stick to cans and it used for lamb chop soup.
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What is true of any ferromagnetic material?

It has an abnormally high magnetic permeability, it has a definitesaturation point, and it has appreciable residual magnetism andhysteresis. That's why it remains magnetic eve ( Full Answer )