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What is wi-fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology brand owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance intended to improve the interoperability of wireless local area network products based on the IEEE 802.11 stan ( Full Answer )
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What is fi?

FI = fuel injection. Your engine might have the letters "PGM-FI" on it. This means "Programmed Fuel Injection." Honda invented a fully programmable fuel injection computer. B ( Full Answer )
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What is 'semper fi' in English?

Always faithful is the English equivalent of 'Semper fi'. In the word by word translation, the adverb 'semper' means 'always'. The syllable 'fi' is an abbreviation of the adj ( Full Answer )
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How you get Nintendo Wi-Fi?

Answer . I'm not sure if this is for a Wii or a DS. But for the you can connect to a router. Or you can go buy a nifty little gadget that is much, MUCH cheaper than a rout ( Full Answer )
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How can you get wi-fi on your psp?

You need a wireless internet connection, type, where can i get wifi ?for more. you need a router
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What is a Famous sci-fi movie?

Here are some, but not all, famous Science Fiction movies: . Serenity (Brown Coats Rule!!!!!) . Star Wars: A New Hope . Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back . Star Wars: Re ( Full Answer )
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What is Wii fi?

I think you mean Wi-Fi. It's basicly an internet signal, so you can play games online.
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What does Fi mean?

Fi (as in semper fi ) is a slangy abbreviation of fidelis. Fi, also spelled fie ( as in fie on it) is a contemptuous interjection, like fooey.
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What is a wi fi?

wireless internet: for example you are able to use the internet on a laptop in your home without connecting it to a modem
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Who is fi?

She is the best fashion girl in the game, the legend of zeldaskyward sword, but the most annoying companion in the series
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What is FIS?

FIS stands for "Fédération Internationale de Ski" and is the organisation that arrange the world cup competitions in ski.
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What is an FIS point?

FIS stands for Federation International du Ski, FIS points are given to competitors based on their performance in competitions.
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What is Sci Fi?

Sci-Fi stands for Science Fiction. It's novels, stories, movies ASO with a heavy content of future/foreign science/technology discoveries. Space travel is just about required. ( Full Answer )
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What is a WI-fi?

Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance, founded in 1999 as WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance). The organisation comprises more than 300 companies, whose prod ( Full Answer )
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How do you get WI FI?

Either buy a computer with wifi connection or buy a wireless capable component to add to your existing computer. This will allow your computer to receive wifi signals. Half ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get wi fi?

Wi-fi hotpots seem to be omnipresent these days. You can find them in every commercial fast-food joint, starbucks®, library, hotels, and even in your neighbor's houses. ( Full Answer )
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What is wif-fi?

The name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. in shorter words, it allows you to ( Full Answer )
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What is hi-fi?

A hi - fi stands for High Fidelity and refers to sound systemsnormally associated with 1970 to 1980s
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What does a wi-fi do?

Wifi allows you to trade or battle with registered friends from far away. In Platinum version there are other uses. In platinum you can play games, share battle videos, and ot ( Full Answer )
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What is siempre fi?

siempre fi is a logo of a multiple action company in europe. based on a advertisingcompany, we use the logo siempre as fix name with seperate fields, like siempre-cafepatria, ( Full Answer )
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What is FIS shipping?

FIS (Free Into Store) In addition to freight and insurance the exporter is responsible for the cost of all entry costs, including import duty, unloading, inland freight, brok ( Full Answer )
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What is wi fi wristband?

A wifi wristbad is a wristband that enables you to have free internet connection wherever you may be situated. I hear 3 teenage boys in County Limerick, Ireland are attempting ( Full Answer )
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How do you amplify a Wi-Fi signal?

There are devices called "Wi-Fi Boosters" that read and amplify the Wi-Fi signal if the original router is far away.
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How do you get wi fi in ds?

On a Nintendo DS and DSLite, start a game that can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and follow the instructions to launch the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup. Before star ( Full Answer )
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Does the PS3 connect to wi-fi?

All PS3 consoles were built to be able to connect to the internet using WiFi except the first 20 GB PS3 model. All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivi ( Full Answer )
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Wi-Fi bridge to Ethernet?

A Wi-Fi bridge is essentially a receiver for a Wi-Fi signal (i.e. connection) originating from a Wi-Fi hotspot (i.e Wi-Fi router) that it splits (or shares) with a number of u ( Full Answer )
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How do you get fi fi the moshling?

The way you get Fi Fi is -any pepper - any love -any magic please add me its melon_1234 or lem_1234
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Is there wi-fi on airplanes?

If the airline offers it then There will be ... be for sure there is free wifi in the airport ...
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Does the nexus one have wi-fi?

the nexus one can use 802.11b and g and it is capable of using n but google have yet to activate it it seems the hardware is there for it
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What do you do with the wi fi?

These are some things you can do if you have Wi-Fi. In Wii, (Mario Kart) you can race people you have never met, or in DS (I dunno, pokemon, maybe) you can trade, battle all a ( Full Answer )
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14kt FI What is the FI mean?

FI is the maker's mark. 14kt(karat) is the qality of the gold. Whois FI? I don't know.
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Where is flanders fieds?

Since 1831, the word Flanders is used to name the northern region of Belgium, where most inhabitants speak Dutch. When spoken about Flanders (or Flanders' Fields) in WWI, ( Full Answer )
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Why wi-fi is called wi-fi?

Wi-fi stands for Wireless fidelity, The term Wi-Fi was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which oversees testing on a product, a product that passes the alliance tests is "Wi-Fi ( Full Answer )
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What are the numbers of FI?

do you mean the equation for a diameter of a circle over itscircumpherence as in pi? Pi is a never ending number but ir is mostcommonly recognisizedmby its first 5 nmbers 3.14 ( Full Answer )