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How do you get a fiancee visa?

You will have to file the USCIS form I-129F and pay a fee of $455for the petition. If your petition is approve your fiancee will begiven an interview date at the US Embassy an ( Full Answer )
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How do you apologize to your fiancee?

Might be ex fiancee depending on how bad it was. Admit you were wrong. Admit to being stupid or an idiot depending on how bad the mistake and promise never to do it again. Ask ( Full Answer )
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What should you do to get your fiancee back?

figure out why he she left. attempt to make reparations for that reason if possible. if the reason was a selfish one. give up on that person.
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What is a fiancee?

A fiancee is the person that someone is engaged to, meaning they are going to marry him/her. For example, "My fiancee got me a beautiful ring".
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What is the surname of your fiancee?

Surname of Fiancee: . The surname is the last name of your fiancee. Example: Jack Dawson. When you marry if your name is: Mary Johnson then you will become Mrs. Jack Dawson ( Full Answer )
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What happened to Selena's Perez fiancee'?

well it isn;t really her finacee it was her husband he married someone else.. well it isn;t really her finacee it was her husband he married someone else.
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Christmas gift for fiancee?

The best creative Christmas gift ideas are those that can be used over and over again. Customized photo blankets with your personal photos with her will always represent the g ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of fiancee?

When you get engaged, it is a promise to your fiancee to marry him / her.
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Why did Scrooge's fiancee not marry him?

Scrooge choose his money over his fiancee, Belle Fezziwig. Belle was the daughter of Scrooge's employer.
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How do you be romantic with my fiancee?

The secret of being romantic is spontanity as it can go a long way when it comes to romance. Another tip is that you can drop some hints to him or her about what you'd like. T ( Full Answer )
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What language does fiancee come from?

Fiancée is a French word meaning a woman who is engaged to bemarried. Fiancé is the masculine form meaning a man who is engagedto be married.
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Who is the fiancee of Rose on Titanic?

Do you mean in the film? because is you do then the man who played him was Billy Zane and his name was Cal. was roses fiance called in the film ( Full Answer )
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Where is the accent in fiancee?

Fiance with one e (and an accent) is the masculine. Fiancee is the feminine, with an accent over the first e. I can't figure out how to type accents on windows, though :-/
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How do you explain what a fiancee is?

well, im not actually in that stage yet.....but a fiancee is when you are actually engaged and your nearly getting that's wat you call a fiancee......hope this he ( Full Answer )
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How do you find out if your fiancee cheated on you?

Obviously, you ask. If that doesn't work you hire a private detective. If you can't afford that then keep an eye out for how they react when you talk about certain things such ( Full Answer )
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Should I tell my fiancee that I am atheist?

It's one of the many open and honest things that you should share with anyone you intend to marry - before you marry. Especially since it's one of those potential blow-up-in-y ( Full Answer )
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How do you say fiancee in English?

The noun fiancée is part of the English language. It's first recorded use in English, in its present meaning, is in 1853. It came from the French word for betrothed an ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if you really love your fiancee?

If you have to ask whether you love your fiancee or not then you need more time before committing to marriage. Either postpone the wedding or, break up and make sure you are n ( Full Answer )
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Who is Justin Biebers fiancee?

Justin Bieber doesn't have a fiancee. Thank you why do people keep saying he does he probably doesn't appreciate it! He's only a 16 year old boy!!
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What was Miss Havisham's fiancee?

In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham's fiancee was Compeyson, or the second criminal out on the marshes that Pip sees. He was really dating Miss Havisham to get her money an ( Full Answer )
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What is plural for fiancee?

The plural form of the noun 'fiancee' is fiancees . Example: He has had several fiancees but has never actually married one.
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How do You get your ex boyfriend back if he has a fiancee?

Obviously, he has chosen someone else to marry, so pray about it and ask God to show you the right person to have a relationship with. Use His wisdom rather than your own and ( Full Answer )
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Who is donnie mcclurkin's fiancee?

Im not sure but i dont think you should post up unresonable and personal questions alot of people on this website dont know who he is thank you bye
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Is a fiancee a boy or girl?

Officially, it would be a girl ... it's a French word, so the extra "e" at the end means it's a feminine noun. A male would be a "fiance." But lots of people don't know that ( Full Answer )
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How did James Buchanan's fiancee die?

Her name was Anne Coleman. She died suddenly soon after they broke off the engagement. Suicide is possible. Her father blamed the death on James and would not let him attend t ( Full Answer )
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What is the word for opposite gender of fiancee?

The same French term, but spelled with only one e at the end.Fiance ... with an "accent grave" over the final e. The gender specific noun for a woman you are engaged to is fi ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of Shepard Smith's fiancee?

Shepard Smith married (1987) and divorced (1993) Virginia Donald, however, there is no reliable information stating that Shepard Smith is currently in a relationship.
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What does fiancee mean as in love?

Fiancee means the person someone is engaged to be married to. Ifyou're not engaged, they're not a fiancee, they're just aboyfriend/girlfriend.
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How do you make your fiancee love you more?

Firstly, if this is a serious concern, you may want to rethink the fiance part. If you are crazy in love at this point of the relationship, it is going to be a rocky road ahea ( Full Answer )
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Who is Leonardo DiCaprio's fiancee?

Leonardo DiCaprio is not currently engaged, however, as of April 2014, he is living with model girlfriend Toni Garrn. It was rumored in September and October 2014 that Leona ( Full Answer )
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How is fiancee different than fiance?

Fiancee is a term used by female weds to describe the man they areabout to marry whereas a fiance is a term used by male weds todescribe the woman they are about to marry.