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What is the meaning of widely patent neural foramina?

Answer . "Foramina" is the plural form of "foramen", and a foramen is just a hole. The brain normally has several of these holes, or foramina in it, including the foramen ( Full Answer )
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What its encroachment of the right and left foramina?

It's basically compression of your spine by the surrounding canal in the specific area your doctor is speaking of. Foramina, in this case, are the spaces in between your ve ( Full Answer )
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What does foramina are patent mean?

\nForamen is Latin for 'hole'. Paten means "open"...\n. \nThe term means the holes in the spine where nerves go through are wide open... (that's a good thing!!)
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What is patent neural foramina?

Foramina are openings. Neural foramina patent bilaterally just means that the openings in the spine are open, and allow the nerves to pass through normally...
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What is the meaning of spinal canal and neural foramina are widely patent at the T11-T12 level through the L5-S1 level?

I just got do typing everything out and i have know clue where it just went?? I can no longer sit here due to my back... I am just looking for a doctor that know alot about th ( Full Answer )
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Ina cervical vertebrae what is transverse foramina?

A foramen is a hole in a bone. The transverse foramen are holes in the sides the the neck vertebrae that the vertebral artery and vein and various nerves go through.
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What is narrowing of Neural Foramina?

Narrowing of the neural foramina is the constriction of the nervepassageways, or foramina, in the spine. This results in compressionof the nerve.
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What is narrowing of Neural Foramina at C7T1?

Narrowing of the neural formina at the C7- 1 was a narrowing of thespinal canal where the nerve roots exit. This can occur with orwithout disc protrusion.
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What does bilateral neural foramina mean?

The holes on the left and right side of the spinal cord that the nerves are protected in from top of spine to lower spine.
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What does mild to moderal foraminal stenosis on the left at L5 S1 due to osteophytes which arise from the L5 S1 vertebral endplates and extend into the central spinal canal and neural foramina mean?

I have the same thing. It means a bone spur that sticks out into the opening (channel) that the nerve passes through. The bone spur can put pressure on the nerve, causing musc ( Full Answer )
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With marked narrowing of the neural foramina?

The Neural Foramen are grooves in the vertebra, just behind the vertebral body that the nerves that branch off the spinal cord exit the spinal canal from. If they are grossly ( Full Answer )
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What is Foramina of Monroe?

Foramen of Monro (not foramina of Monroe) is also called the interventricular foramen which is a passage from the third to the lateral ventricle of the brain as per Dorland's ( Full Answer )
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What is left paracentral disc protrusion with impingement on neural foramina?

\nThis means that the spinal disc ("shock absorber" between the vertebrae) is protruding (bulging) on the left into the area where the peripheral spinal nerve leaves the spin ( Full Answer )
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What is neuro foramina?

foramina is the plural of the latin owrd foramen meaning window or hole. therefore neuro foramina are holes (usually in bones) through which neural structures pass. eg the for ( Full Answer )
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What does L5 nerves abutted by osteophyte in neural foramina mean?

As I understand it L5 is one of the vertebrae each vertebrae has cartilage between it to keep them apart and give them movement and protect them from wearing on each other. Ne ( Full Answer )
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What is osteophtic encroachment of the left neural exit foramina which may compromise the exiting left c5 nerve?

There is a narrowing in the space that the nerve that comes out of that particular vertebrae in your neck. From the sounds of it you are blessed with a bone growth (osteopyte) ( Full Answer )
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You have disc desiccation more so of the l5-s1 disc with a central herniation extending somewhat into the neural foramina bilaterally what is the treatment for this?

I will start with what this is. "Disc desiccation" means the intervertebral disc (the cushion between the vertebrae) is drying out and hardening. L5-S1 is the location: betwee ( Full Answer )
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In a cervical vertebrae what is transverse foramina?

The transverse foramina in cervical vertebrae are the structures that actually make the vertebraemost easily recognized as a cervical vertebrae rather than a thoracic or a lum ( Full Answer )
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What does neural foramina appear patent?

The neural foramina are the "windows" through which the nerves pass. Patent in this case means "open." So the phrase says this aspect of your bones is normal.
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What does it mean when it says mild diffuse disc bulge effacing the thecal sac with minimal narrowing of the neuro foramina in an MRI?

In order to best help translate, lets break this sentence down into smaller parts to explain it: . A "diffuse disc bulge" refers to one of the discs in your spine. The disc ( Full Answer )
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Is neuro foramina one word or two?

I believe you actually mean "neural foramina". That is two words. It is also known as intervertebral foramina.
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What does capacious neural foramina mean?

The Neural Formaina are holes that are formed between each joint ofthe spinal column through which the spinal nerves that branch offthe spinal cord pass. These nerves go to yo ( Full Answer )
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What is a large disc bulge and endplate bar produces moderate to severe left and modest right bony foramina stenosis?

Vertebral end plates are the top and bottom portions of thevertebral bodies that interface with the vertebral discs. The spacebetween is filled with a cushion called a disk. I ( Full Answer )