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On a second marriage is it proper etiquette to forgo giving an engagement ring if we plan to simply go off and get married and simply purchase a wedding ring set?

Just go ahead and get the rings if your just going to go off and get married. Engagement is just another step in a relationship, if your ready to get married then what would b ( Full Answer )
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Does forgo have a plural?

Forgo is a verb (meaning to go without; refrain from). It has no noun form.
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Can one completely forgo a commodity?

Yeah, if you don't need any of it or anything made from it. For instance, hops is a commodity, but if you don't make, sell or drink beer you need no hops.
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How do you sign in windows 7 if i forgo?

Its Quiet simple actually. If ur using Window 7 ultimate or any other Windows 7 OS. u just need a boot disc of your windows. Then Try 2 reboot it. When the first 2 step of reb ( Full Answer )
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Are there any alternatives to face lifts without having to forgo surgery?

It depends on why there is a need for a facelift.If it is to repair damage due to congenital malformations or injuries then (following the advice of a doctor) facelift may wel ( Full Answer )
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What has the author William Forgo written?

William Forgo has written: 'California ..' -- subject(s): Guidebooks 'Southern Atlantic States and Washington, D.C' -- subject(s): Guidebooks