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What is a sentence for fracas?

My friend and I got into a fracas over who saw the cute boy first. (Or 'cute girl' if you are a guy)
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What is the truth about the rumor that Phil Spector went ape and almost murdered both Veronica and her Mother on their wedding night Where did this fracas occur and did it get in the papers?

It happened in the Spector"s California mansion. Ronnie and her mother managed to save themsleves by locking themselves in the guest bathroom and taking up ( defensive battle ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean to be in a fracas?

To be in a fracas means to be in a fight or a brawl of some sort. Fracas is a common word and term often used in the English language. It has multiple meanings.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Post Fracas - 2011?

The cast of Post Fracas - 2011 includes: Michael Bennett Smith as Fracas Intern Bryce Bochan as Ox Mackenzie McBride as Antelope David Menchise as Tzvi Julie Moss as Lucinda Z ( Full Answer )