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Do french fries come from Frace?

Usually chipped potatoes or 'frites' in French are thought to have been invented in Belgium.
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Was Fraces Bavier a lesbian?

Frances Bavier, which means ( Bavarian) in French was an actress who played the senior citizen, motherly type Aunt Bea ( pronounced Bee) on the old Andy Griffith program. She ( Full Answer )
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What is an element named after frace?

Francium (pronounced /ˈfrænsiəm/, FRAN-see-əm ), formerly known as eka -caesium and actinium K, [1] is a chemical element that has the symbol Fr and atomic ( Full Answer )
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Did Britain and frace volutarily disarmed after world war 1?

Yes. They chose to disarm because Germany was forced to by the Treaty of Versailles in 1920. They disarmed also to set an example to other countries that war should never happ ( Full Answer )
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How did sir fraces drake die?

He died when he was 55 years old by sickness out at sea when he came home. They say hes burried under the sea near Portobelo ,but, divers havent found his body. Hope this h ( Full Answer )
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Is there a city in frace called nice?

hmm.... well first off i never graduatuated high school cause i failed in history when we were learning about sities in frace so idk... mabee their is but i is not sure.... ma ( Full Answer )
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Who did Britain and frace invade in 1939?

Neither Britain nor France invaded any counties in 1939. It was Germany that invaded Poland, starting the Second World War with that.
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What is fraces' most popular sport played by kids?

Soccer or as it is known in Europe, football. The French soccer team made it to the finals of the soccer world cup a couple of years ago in 2008 only to lose to Italy. After t ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find information on frace?

Information on Frace music can be found on their Frace bandcamp site. They're currently offering 20% off on their "Things Change" CD. You can find their Twitter at fracemusic. ( Full Answer )
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What is the English translation of Fraces de amor?

According to Babylon and Translation Buddy , the phrase "Fraces de amor" translated into English as "skinny love". It can also mean "scraps of love and life".